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Old 10-15-2006, 12:53 AM
Fire Beetle
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Default City of Heroes Emulator Open Source

The project has recently gone open source and you can contribute by visiting http://forum.cohemu.net/viewtopic.php?t=386 or if you feel you can be a part of the CohEmu developement team visit http://forum.cohemu.net/viewtopic.php?t=229

The Main website can be found at http://www.cohemu.net/

About the Project

CoHEmu is a City of Heroes emulator. It is a suite of software modules that allows for City of Heroes game clients to connect just as you would on the official servers. The software behaves or emulates the functionality of the official servers. CoHEmu currently runs under a variety of platforms (Win32, Linux, *BSD and more).

CoHEmu started as an idea back in March of 2005. Malign registered the domain "cohemu.net" and began looking for individuals to join the cause. After becoming disillusioned due to lack of interest by others, www.cohemu.net was silently halted. Three individuals later sprang up in the early fall of 2005 hoping to get their own project going. rz950, catvir and darawk began their own codebase and had their project forum up at http://www.xvolt.org/cohemu/. Malign soon found their project and began collaborating with rz950. The original and new projects then merged. The project IRC channel (#cohemu on irc.cohemu.net) was born. SilverJohn came to the team in late fall of 2005. His ideas and people skills are definetely key to the project. Shortly after, in the winter of 2005, a Polish developer by the name of nemerle joined the team. The project was now making leaps and bounds. With nemerle's and Darawk's combined reversing skills, the low level code CoHEmu needed to thrive had come to fruition. The project forum was then relocated to http://forum.cohemu.net from xvolt.org to assimilate the discussion board into the cohemu.net domain. rz950 left the project in late winter of 2006 due to loss of interest in CoH. Darawk also left due to a new job he acquired. This left very little free time for him to work on the project. Despite our losses, the project still thrives to this day.

CoHEmu was designed for a number of reasons. Primarily, it was designed to play City of Heroes free of charge because not all of us can justify paying for a repetitious game every month. Second, it was designed for people to come together and share ideas and to socialize. This is the fun aspect of developing projects with multiple people over the Internet. Lastly, it was created for those interested in learning the process of software development. People can join a project to learn a new programming language or to simply gain experience using code revision systems, debuggers and other such tools.
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Old 10-28-2006, 10:36 PM
Fire Beetle
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Sounds pretty neat.
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