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Old 08-21-2023, 11:57 PM
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Default NPC Aggro

Hi all, first post here, was trying to lookup how I could make NPC aggro behave like classic. I found this link:


But it didnt really seem to answer my question. Taking P1999 as an example, and how they have their aggro rules setup is what I am going for, so any guide/walkthrough on that would be appreciated.

However, I would also like to understand this and not just slap some info in there and be on my way. Could someone please explain to me specifically what:


Does exactly? For instance, the default value is 18. What does 18 mean specifically? Does it mean 18 levels difference, or that prior to 18 you will not get aggro, etc... Pretty sure from my experience both of those are wrong. If anyone could please give me more context around this than what is already in the help docs it would be greatly appreciated.

An example such as:

At a value of 18 <this> will happen.
At a value of 35 <this> will happen.
At a val.ue of 5 <this> will happen.

I need the 6 yr old explanation here so please dont feel like you need to be concise or that you are being condescending. I really dont care as long as you give me an explanation I understand in full.

Also, if I need to dive into code, please let me know the directory, filename, and line numbers I should be looking at. I am using an Ubuntu installation.

Thanks in advance.
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