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Old 09-24-2008, 01:33 PM
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Default Forum reorganization

It is GREAT to see this forum full of life with new code submissions! The problem is this forum has become a bit cluttered, and it's become difficult to sort through the discussions, notes, previous revisions, etc to get to the actual current code. So, for KLS' sake, I ask for anybody who has a sticked thread, (or thinks they should have one) please PM me with a link to the post(s) containing the actual current code you submitted, and any important posts with notes or the like. I will then leave those posts sticked here, and every other post in said thread will be moved to Development:evelopment.

To keep this forum clean and easy for KLS to get to, please use this forum for code submissions ONLY. Discussions should be done in Development:evelopment. As for previous revisions, I realize the stupid edit timer only hurts us in this case so I am going to see about having it removed, or bumped up some. In the meantime, please posts newer revisions to your code in the original thread, and make it clear at the top of the post if it's a whole new revision, or simply an update to the original post.

Any other mods who wish to help clean up please do so :P
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Old 09-24-2008, 07:22 PM
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I was wondering who was doing it :P

I do agree completely that it will help clean up the submissions if you don't have to feed through 3 pages of posts to find the current code or any adjustments to it. But instead of just moving the comments over without an original post, we might want to try copying all of the posts in the thread to the Dev section and then just deleting comment posts from the submissions thread. Unfortunately I don't see a way to copy an entire thread all at once so it has to be done by selecting each post within the thread because there is an option there. I think this will make the discussion threads in the Development:evelopment section easier to read since they will actually contain the original post as well. I will try to get some moved over and see if they will merge properly to finalize the cleanup.

Thanks Cavedude, I think this should help alot

**Edit - I got them all copied over now, so the development::development sections includes the code as well as the discussion and Submissions only includes the code***
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