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Old 01-21-2023, 11:36 PM
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Default Classic Quest Broken / Help

So i have a long term goal ( like everyone else to create a classic like server but with a twist) and for the most part i have a lot of work done. I was wondering if there was such a way to Delete / Remove / Omit the built in quest or if someone could point me in the right direction. Here is what I have going on , i have all classic spells, mobs, items , and everything for the expansions that i want.

However when i turned in 2 Deathfist slashed belts , i got the correct faction amounts that i was expecting however the factions that were effected were not the ones i was expecting the values i received were

the sambata tribe +5 yelinak -1 sarnak collective -1 thrall of kly 1

So i have 2 question's. is there an easy way to fix this in the code it self , or is there a way to quickly delete all quest , and i will just "task" in the quest that i want.

I do have C++ skills and feel like that would be the simplest fix, i assume what happened is the faction values have changed with later clients and i am using titanium ( i haven't test on another client but will most likely while awaiting an answer here) i still don't fully understand , what information is client side and what info is server side for everything. What i am assuming is the quest are built into the client when i do the turn in it is sending the old values which have been replaced in later clients, and the DB reflects that.

Sorry for the long post but i figured the more info i provide the better chances of me getting an answer are.

PS ( after i resolve this my next question may be the EOC task editor not working i will attempt to add the missing fields to the table then move whatever values, but if someone knows a fix to this and wants to avoid me posting another question i would be grateful.) After ready i have already ruled out , trying to use an older version of the database. and have too much work involved into this project but will give up / start over if i have to but from what i read no one will suggest using anything but the most recent version of the database
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