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Old 02-07-2024, 03:48 PM
Fire Beetle
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I went under login server accounts. I picked my main account I wanted to change the password and using the password I log into it wouldn't recognize the password so instead I followed the 'reset' prompts and it asked me to pick a new password which I did and then I went to log in and it didn't work. Now all of my accounts are reset and I am unable to log into any of them.

Yes I completed the SMS and I received an email saying 'This email is confirmation that all loginserver passwords on your account have been reset using the SMS Reset Password feature.'

I have been trying to reset again and get this message 'You have been locked out of this system for repeated invalid attempts. You must wait a bit before trying again.' I've waited an hour+ to attempt to reset and continue getting that message.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated!!
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Old 05-28-2024, 10:22 AM
Fire Beetle
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Location: CT, USA
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Default Acess to change email

Looking for where to go to update my email. I have access to my account just would like to update my email. Please advise
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