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Support::General Support Post all topics here having to do with errors while trying to connect to an EQEMu server but not about the setup/running of the Server itself.

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Old 11-17-2022, 03:23 AM
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Default RoF2 Client Download (Steam)

As most know, the current RoF2 download on Steam is useless for EQEmu, but the original, clean, working copy on Steam (Built May 10 2013 23:30:0 is still available through their Depot Download. (This is the last "squeaky clean" copy that works with Emu)

There may be many who have never given that a go, because it might look more difficult than it is. So I figured I would post the easy steps here for anyone interested in getting that clean copy.

Keep in mind, some older zone files, etc, were not included with that Steam download, obviously because EQ Live wasn't using them anymore. You can find those missing files here :https://tinyurl.com/rof2-missing

First - Sign up on Steam, for a user name and password. (you will need it for the download only)

Second - Grab the Depot Downloader from here : https://github.com/SteamRE/DepotDownloader (latest release shown on right of page)
Just unzip that to your hard drive, anywhere, easiest for you. (latest at the time of this post is 2.4.7)

Third - You also NEED a file that doesn't come with it.(hostfxr.dll) which needs to be in that Depot Downloader folder, otherwise, you will get an error of the missing file. You can get that file here : https://tinyurl.com/hostfxr

Fourth - Create a new file (in the depot download folder) called download.bat

Copy the following text into that file and REPLACE the USERNAME and PASSWORD text with your Steam account login info. (replace only the ones in capital letters). No need to touch anything else.

depotdownloader.exe -app 205710 -depot 205711 -manifest 1926608638440811669 -username USERNAME -password PASSWORD

Open a CMD prompt and cd.. to the Depot Download Folder and run that download.bat file you created.(simply type download.bat)

It will start downloading into a sub folder called "depots". (8.93GB download). Have Fun :P
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Old 06-02-2024, 07:52 PM
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If you're on Linux, like myself, you can install steamctl with pip and run the following

steamctl depot download --app 205710 --depot 205711 --manifest 1926608638440811669 -o ./ROF2

It will prompt you for your username and password, followed by the email code, and then it will download it to the ROF2 directory
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