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Old 08-16-2015, 02:53 AM
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Default New Feature: Dye items via an Augmentation

This is something of a feature request with all the code already written.

It adds the ability to dye visible armor pieces with any augmentation in any slot desired, simply by setting the item tint of the augmentation to the desired color.

It works with every client, and doesn't break anything already in effect, because augments don't have a tint color by default. They're all 0xFF000000.

It also plays nicely with items that already have a built-in tint, and with prismatic dye applied to the slot. The priority it gives as to which tint to apply to the slot in question is (highest to lowest): prismatic dye, then augmentation tint, then built-in item tint (if any).

The tint application is immediate when both inserting and removing the augmentation, even if the character is wearing the armor when (un-)augmenting (in RoF+).

It also includes a typo fix in client.cpp's Client::SetTint() methods, where they were saving the tint to the character_material table by the slot_id instead of the material_id, so it would break when re-loaded from the database and tried to be applied to a material slot.

diff --git a/common/item.h b/common/item.h
index a5dd01f..55cd861 100644
--- a/common/item.h
+++ b/common/item.h
@@ -350,7 +350,7 @@ public:
 	void SetPrice(uint32 price)				{ m_price = price; }
 	void SetColor(uint32 color)				{ m_color = color; }
-	uint32 GetColor() const					{ return m_color; }
+	uint32 GetColor() const;
 	uint32 GetMerchantSlot() const			{ return m_merchantslot; }
 	void SetMerchantSlot(uint32 slot)		{ m_merchantslot = slot; }
diff --git a/common/item.cpp b/common/item.cpp
index 8e8ec6f..ab08ec5 100644
--- a/common/item.cpp
+++ b/common/item.cpp
@@ -2318,6 +2318,22 @@ void ItemInst::StopTimer(std::string name) {
+uint32 ItemInst::GetColor() const {
+	ItemInst* aug;
+	for (int i = AUG_BEGIN; i < EmuConstants::ITEM_COMMON_SIZE; i++)
+	{
+		if ((aug = GetAugment(i)) && (aug->GetColor() & 0xFFFFFF))
+		{
+			Log.Out(Logs::General, Logs::Inventory, "Found tinted Augment ID %d in augment slot %d", aug->GetID(), i);
+			return aug->GetColor();
+		}
+	}
+	return m_color;
 void ItemInst::ClearTimers() {
diff --git a/common/shareddb.cpp b/common/shareddb.cpp
index 7301346..fcf3b36 100644
--- a/common/shareddb.cpp
+++ b/common/shareddb.cpp
@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ bool SharedDatabase::UpdateInventorySlot(uint32 char_id, const ItemInst* inst, i
                                     "%lu, %lu, %lu, %lu, %lu, %lu, %lu, %lu, %lu)",
                                     (unsigned long)char_id, (unsigned long)slot_id, (unsigned long)inst->GetItem()->ID,
                                     (unsigned long)charges, (unsigned long)(inst->IsAttuned()? 1: 0),
-                                    inst->GetCustomDataString().c_str(), (unsigned long)inst->GetColor(),
+                                    inst->GetCustomDataString().c_str(), (unsigned long)inst->GetItem()->Color,
                                     (unsigned long)augslot[0], (unsigned long)augslot[1], (unsigned long)augslot[2],
 									(unsigned long)augslot[3], (unsigned long)augslot[4], (unsigned long)augslot[5], (unsigned long)inst->GetOrnamentationIcon(),
 									(unsigned long)inst->GetOrnamentationIDFile(), (unsigned long)inst->GetOrnamentHeroModel());
diff --git a/zone/client.cpp b/zone/client.cpp
index f823c8b..adfc4a0 100644
--- a/zone/client.cpp
+++ b/zone/client.cpp
@@ -3039,7 +3039,6 @@ void Client::SetTint(int16 in_slot, uint32 color) {
 	Color_Struct new_color;
 	new_color.Color = color;
 	SetTint(in_slot, new_color);
-	database.SaveCharacterMaterialColor(this->CharacterID(), in_slot, color);
 // Still need to reconcile bracer01 versus bracer02
@@ -3049,7 +3048,7 @@ void Client::SetTint(int16 in_slot, Color_Struct& color) {
 	if (matslot != _MaterialInvalid)
 		m_pp.item_tint[matslot].Color = color.Color;
-		database.SaveCharacterMaterialColor(this->CharacterID(), in_slot, color.Color);
+		database.SaveCharacterMaterialColor(this->CharacterID(), matslot, color.Color);
diff --git a/zone/inventory.cpp b/zone/inventory.cpp
index e1904d5..3e84ea1 100644
--- a/zone/inventory.cpp
+++ b/zone/inventory.cpp
@@ -2635,6 +2635,10 @@ uint32 Client::GetEquipmentColor(uint8 material_slot) const
 	if (material_slot > EmuConstants::MATERIAL_END)
 		return 0;
+	ItemInst* inst = GetInv().GetItem(Inventory::CalcSlotFromMaterial(material_slot));
+	if (inst)
+		return inst->GetColor();
 	const Item_Struct *item = database.GetItem(GetEquipment(material_slot));
 	if(item != nullptr)
 		return ((m_pp.item_tint[material_slot].RGB.UseTint) ? m_pp.item_tint[material_slot].Color : item->Color);
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