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Old 05-23-2024, 04:10 PM
Hill Giant
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Default Nature's Renewal is in spells_new Table, but NO SPELL SCROLL EXISTS

I believe this issue is related to: this thread: https://www.eqemulator.org/forums/sh...ad.php?t=41557
His solution was that it just started working. I have not had that happen, so starting this thread...

My server was created with Akka's Linux install script.

The level 39 Druid spell "Nature's Renewal" IS in the spells_new table. It can be used by a GM with #cast 6873, but there is no actual spell scroll in the database for learning the spell so that druids can actually use it. It does not appear to be a level 255 spell.

Again, the spell is in the database, but there are no scrolls to med it with.

How do I add the spells scrolls for this spell?
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Old 05-24-2024, 12:31 AM
Fire Beetle
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its possible that since the spell wasnt added until 2016, which would be after the database thats used for the server, the scroll as an item number doesnt exist yet.

so you could clone a spell scroll, say clone item ID 2482, and change the name and lore to: Spell: Nature's Renewal, then go to effects and change the effect ID to 6873

then you should be able to summon item "#####-cloned ID number from above" and get a scribable/merchant loaded version of the spell?

Im using SPIRE btw and not in the database directly so the process is much easier/point and clickier in the GUI

Mods feel free to shoot me if im doing it wrong or providing support in a way not to rules etc.
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