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Old 05-14-2024, 12:23 AM
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hey all I didnt know if i should post this in general or here so ill lead just with a HOLY COW this is amazing work here you all have compiled. WAY back in the day i ran the UOFUSE Shard Mytharria. It was nothing but xyz.ini files and tables and tables of meticulous, time consuming, typing, to get a tree to respawn so you could skill up on it. I moved to EQ in 99, have been there pretty much for 25 years (im one of the 2 active still since mar 99 guys touted at the recent fippy fest) and fiddled with eqemu a number of years back just as a way to scratch the UOFuse itch since i just like to world build but i didnt have the time to learn much beyond the basic setup and login, self GM, go spawn a mob, kill it, cheer, and logoff

now i see this!!! Thank you!

So over the weekend ive fired up my server, gotten it to register the 26 possible packs though Spires only has data into ROF, gotten seasonal content working, and figured out some interesting things on item, content flagging, and the like

Since im in eyebleed mode trying to learn as much as i can to see if i can add anything to the collective worth a darn may i ask a few questions?

1) is the 21 to 20 aug issue for heros forge gear as easy as a mass edit? or should i just modify the darn model itself and be done with it?
2) Does anyone fiddle with the default guild hall (swap it to palatial) and/or use neighborhood to do anything yet? You cant place anything but i may not have figured that out yet ( i want a tree house thank you)
3) for expacs COTF-TOV is that as easy as doing the work in the DB and grabbing the appropriate map files from the live client and dropping it into my ROF2 folder? My DB has TOV expacs in spires but no data, so i was wondering if i could "add/contribute" anything there, even if its just spawned maps/npc names/placeholders.
4) i see the "end" of the item database and tangentially see the spells as well ending where the support does, but does an item DB exist for post ROF thats "live spawned" or are those really just going to be modded to taste post ROF since thats not where the current releases are? (basically im trying to make sure i dont waste hours and then find a beautifully updated quests directory 14 hours later....hypothetically...:P) related: are the items/spells/AAs more dependant on the client there? So no point in fiddling if my ultimate limitation is the client?

Pretty broad questions maybe not a specific if/then type of issue yet. But all i know is im going to back up a lot and throw a lot of toggles:P

And ill come lurk in DISCORD just to listen and absorb if thats cool also

Thansk again!
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