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Old 06-18-2008, 01:17 PM
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Default proposition for a new NPC special

As you know "W" in npc special means that you need magic weapon to attack it. IN Db there is a line which determines when pets get magic attack.
I belive this also defaults to mobs.

However what I propose, is that instead of making this universal set a new special letter which will determine on a single mob bases if they posses a magical weapon. (since pets also defined in npc tables, this will be true for them as well)

this will grant ability of great variation in designing mobs and pets. Instead of ALL pets automaticly having magic attack at level X - you can make it so that only certain types of them do. For exmaple for mage - imagine that Earth pet while the strongest - does not have a magic attack, while air pet does (but much much weaker) - this means that earth pet would great vs normal mobs, but cannot be used againt magic only mobs.

this is just single exmaple of how can this feature can be used, but I can think of many scenarios (including mobs as well) where this could help in creating custom content (think of a quest where 1 group of NPC fights another group of NPC and is unable to to hit them, and your job would be go around and give the first group magical weapons)

simular flag could be implemented to allow mob/npc/pet to hit Bane only creatures
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