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Aussie Crew
 Worldserver Name: Aussie Crew - Solo / Small Group Classic Progression, No hubs. Customised game mechanics.
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 3
 Average Players: 4
 Max Players: 20
 Registered Name: Aussie Crew
 Server Type: Legit, Custom, PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: jsr
 Website: http://discord.gg/CSX65Ss
 Description: This is a classic style progression server, with no hubs, and content starts with classic spanning levels 1-50. Kunark is open but players must defeat classic bosses to unlock levels past 50, and then defeat Kunark bosses to unlock velious, and so on.

Players can solo most content for experience and gear. Named mobs are tougher than their regular counterparts, and players are granted special timered abilities that can help them win difficult fights when soloing. All gear in the game has been re-balanced so allow solo and small group play.

Raid content is tuned around 3 characters. Significant effort has gone into building out classes so that they bring a variety of strengths to a 'triad'. You can have an attacking tank like a ranger, that works well with a defensive healer like a cleric. Or a very defensive Paladin working well with a more attacking druid. Different combinations of healer/tank/dps will approach encounters differently, and will provide better match ups against different types of encounters. So you can focus on content that suits your party.

Furthermore, classes can perform non typical roles. An enchanter can play the role of a healer using runes, mages excel at healing their pets, and even necromancers are effective group healers. A bard can also play a decent healing role in the right trio.

Mobs have been reworked as well. Classes are more varied, have improved AI, and a mob's class, race, and other factors like being undead, will significantly impact on the type of danger they present. For example, wizard mobs will do little melee damage, and do not have many HP, but they will try very hard to blow you to bits. Likewise, cleric mobs won't be putting out much damage but they will soak up a lot of punishment while they're healing themselves. Animals are much more phyisical, and Dragons are much stronger all around (and give more xp!). You can expect different player classes to be stronger against different NPC classes and types. Shaman for example, do not have a great time fighting undead. Meanwhile, rogues can be devastating against casters.

A number of core mechanics have been re-written, including a detailed critical system for melee and spells that includes detrimental effects (and positive effects for things like healing). Stats play a meaningful role in the critical system (along with melee and spellcasting in general), enough that you should consider different stat gear for fighting different types of enemies.

Type 'server info' in game for a detailed list of changes to classes and mechanics.
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