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Vegarlson Asylum
 Worldserver Name: Vegarlson Asylum
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 0
 Average Players: 14
 Max Players: 112
 Registered Name: Vegarlson Asylum
 Server Type: Custom, PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: N0ctrnl
 Website: http://vegarlson-server.org/
General Information
Launched in 2015, refreshed summer 2021, Vegarlson Asylum is a custom server built to be a classic-like experience but without much of the tedium.

Our Forums

- Expansions enabled to LDoN
- Lots of updated NPC models
- 6-box limit
- Original (possibly dual - TBD) spawn versions of many older zones
- Original zone versions of many updated zones
- Legacy items still drop (rarely).
- Very low food/drink consumption rate.
- Rain of Fear 2 client and all the goodies that come along with it. (No other client is officially supported)
- Server patcher to streamline updates.
- Working Bazaar trader mode. Account exemptions are given to allow a trader to be online all the time.

We use the RoF2 client due to to the stability and features supported.
Some specifics:
- Custom Buff Crystal that will give a common array of buffs at all level ranges
- Items all stack to 100
- 9 spell gems
- 20 buff slots
- HoTT enabled

The server Changlog
We keep a running changelog for modifications on our server. You can find it in here

Original spawn versions
Many later-revamped zones have been "rolled back" to their original versions. The list:

- Lair of the Splitpaw
- Lost Temple of Cazic Thule
- Mines of Nurga
- Plane of Mischief
- Siren's Grotto
- Skyfire Mountains
- Temple of Droga
- The Hole
- Veeshan's Peak

Original zone versions
These zones were changed in later expansions to varying degrees, but we use the original version of these zones.

- Freeport
- Highpass Hold
- Lavastorm Mountains
- Nektulos Forest
- Northern Desert of Ro
- Oasis of Marr
- Southern Desert of Ro
- Steamfont Mountains
- The Arena
- The Bazaar
- Toxxulia Forest

The following are available at the main site at vegarlson-server.org
- Forums
- VA Client Patcher
- AllaClone
- CharBrowser
- Bug reporting system
- Discord links

The use of MQ2 is allowed on the VA server with the following restrictions.

- No AFK macros - This includes bot macros that play your characters for you. (These are easier to detect than you think)
- Absolutely no active hacks - These include but are not limited to: warping, ghosting, zoning.
- If you have any questions about a particular command, plugin or macro, don't hesitate to ask.
- While there hasn't been a need for it much thus far, we WILL suspend players for breaking these rules.
- A complete plugin list is forthcoming.

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