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Blood and Rank [www.bloodandrank.org]
 Worldserver Name: Blood and Rank [www.bloodandrank.org]
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 16
 Average Players: 18
 Max Players: 90
 Registered Name: Blood and Rank [www.bloodandrank.org]
 Server Type: Custom, PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Veltira
 Website: http://www.bloodandrank.org


Features and Content



The Blood and Rank server offers players the opportunity to play in a live-like environment set in the 'Omens of War' expansion, adjusted for smaller groups and raids. Players can expect a mostly legitimate experience with many quality of life enhancements and features added in. Below you can see a non-comprehensive list of these features and the content we offer:


Join our Discord Server for more detailed access to patch notes, features, and bug reporting!

  • Enhanced rates including: exp, group exp, raid exp, tradeskill gains, item rate drops, and rare spawns
  • Experience tables have been rewritten per-level for a smoother experience
  • Boxing is allowed up to 3 characters per player with no true-box rules. You may also have a bazaar trader online in our rebuilt "Old Bazaar" zone as well as a 'buffing' toon in either PoK are the aforementioned Old Bazaar
  • MacroQuest and E3 are allowed and encouraged on this server, with the exception of 'warp hacks'
  • All Epic 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 quests are working and tested; many scripts have been rewritten
  • All NPC's are easier than normal by ways of reduced HP, Damage Output, as well as reduced Spell and Heal scaling
  • All Bosses are easier than normal and have been hand tweaked for 9 and 18 character content, please see below
  • Bosses no longer have access to spells such as 'Death Touch', and 'Banish'
  • Holiday Events including Bonus EXP weekends and a once-per-month Traveling Faire with games, prizes, and more
  • Rotating Hot Zones, up to seven at one time, with a central NPC directing players to each
  • Server NPC's have been added such as a buff bot, translocators, server merchants, and a tribute master
  • The "Firiona Vie" ruleset has been enabled, all items are tradeable as the 'No Drop' tag has been removed
  • 'Out of Era' items that drop in older zones have been nerfed instead of removed allowing players to keep them
  • A mentorship program that allows players to de-level temporarily to fight with others
  • All keys, flags, and zone level restrictions have been removed
  • Group and Raid experience has been normalized and enhanced allowing groups of any size
  • Starting options for both home cities and the Tutorial zone
  • A full compliment of Veteran AA's available to all players from day one
  • Reworked PoK spell and disc vendors, everything is in-era and available in the library
  • A fully working 'Extended Target Window'
  • Fully working 'Bandolier' feature
  • Original and added 'Melee Augment Vendors'
  • Increased stack sizes
  • Mass Group Buff is available to everyone and at level 1
  • Buffs no longer have level restrictions for intended targets, level 70 buffs work on level 1's
  • NPC Fear and Charm rates and durations have been reduced
  • The /autofire feature is working and implemented
  • The /tgb command for targetted group buffing is working and implemented
  • Leadership AA's such as 'Health of Targets Target' have been implemented
  • Reduced Social Aggro range on all monsters to bring them in line with TLP-style pulling; this change will not affect any monster who already had a lower than average range
  • Old Bazaar zone, reworked to be like the original


Raid bosses of all expansions have been adjusted to allow for smaller raid sizes, below is a list of these bosses and their difficulty level. These bosses have been adjusted not only in stats but a rework of each bosses scripts and a testing phase for their development has already occurred. Please note that '9/18 player content' assumes players are of equal level to the boss, higher level and experienced players may find they need less numbers than listed.

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