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Casual Dreams: Solo PoP
 Worldserver Name: Casual Dreams: Solo PoP
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 0
 Average Players: 8
 Max Players: 59
 Registered Name: Casual Dreams: Solo PoP
 Server Type: PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: poru
 Website: http://casualdreams.org
 Description: Casual Dreams:
  • Casual Dreams strives to preserve the original PoP era EQ feel of wonder and daring
  • Whenever possible, encounters are preserved or enhanced to be like the original live experience
  • Mobs and encounters have been toned down (mob hp, stats, spell effects reduced)
  • Player stats, spells and gear are live-like
  • Instead of needing 6 players to kill one mob, you'll be killing 6+ mobs at a time solo
  • New content will be like permanent GM events
  • New content will not replace or subtract from existing content
  • The RoF2 client provides the best gaming experience on Casual Dreams

There are extra features on Casual Dreams that did not exist during the formal PoP era but the newest client (RoF2) and later expansions (LDoN, DoN) added functionality (augments, spells) which greatly improved the fun factor of the game, so they have been embraced.

The Potion of Serious Healing is the cornerstone of Casual Dreams solo life. It is an instant cast Complete Heal potion. This is a real item that has always been in game, I simply reduced the cast time from 10 seconds to instant. You have to target yourself or someone else to use it, and anyone call fill the Cleric role with this potion. They cost 1 platinum each and players might use up to a few hundred while solo'ing a difficult raid zone, depending on class/gear/strategy.

The Potion of Spurn Affliction is equally important once you start raiding. This is a 0.5 second cast Radiant Cure potion that will help you survive encounters which would be almost impossible without it. It also costs 1 platinum each.

  • Cleric, Shaman, and Wizard have solo'd PoTime that I know of
  • Casters tank well on Casual Dreams, there is no melee push (far fewer interrupts)
  • Spells such as snare and slow work well even on most bosses (a couple bosses summon but everything is caster tankable)
  • Endgame pets have been increased in level
  • Raid loot is NOT nodrop, pets can be given incredible gear and weapons to boost their power significantly
  • I did an extensive rebalancing of PoP encounters as a Monk because there were encounters that melee were having a very hard time with that my Wizard destroyed with ease
  • Caster specifics can be found on our website and class forums

  • Drops are normal, you will find everything you know and love right where it has always been
  • Defiant gear was overpowered and has been removed
  • LDoN gear from the merchants in the bazaar serves the same purpose as Defiant and is better balanced for PoP era
  • LDoN merchants will give you LDoN points for any LDoN augments you find and return to them
  • Not all world drop augs are LDoN augs, LDoN merchants don't take everything
  • Most people do not bother with the LDoN gear
  • If you level in dungeons you will find plenty of decent gear to keep you going

  • Everything is balanced for solo play
  • Boxing is not required at all
  • Most folks who use MQ2 just use it to control a 2nd character
  • Nobody cares if you 2-box
  • It is a casual server and if you want to 2-box solo content that is your business

  • Do not use 3rd party software to interfere with or gain an advantage over other players
  • MQ2 is not necessary and I do not like it, I think it ruins immersion
  • I am not your daddy. As long as you do not bother other players or flaunt it (ruining their immersion), I don't really care what you do in your free time
  • When I balance an encounter I often put in anti-warping code and a zone-wide shout so others in zone realize what just happened
  • If you are the only player in a zone, nobody cares what you do
  • Examples here
  • Solo everything! Solo all the way to Quarm!
  • Solo, but not easy. Improve your gear, resists, and skills to survive.
  • Paced leveling. Enjoy the classic content! No instant winning.
  • Melee, Caster, and pet friendly!
  • 2-Box limit. Logging in a third client disconnects all three.
  • Explore and level anywhere! Zone experience modifiers are all the same.
  • No death penalty or corpse runs.
  • Classic items, nothing strange (some items modified to enable solo play).
  • Convenience items on vendors in PoK, Bazaar, and starting cities.
  • Lore and nodrop tags removed.
  • Item prices have been balanced globally based on stats and weapon ratio.
  • Equippable items are attuneable to combat mudflation.
  • All procs and clickies work from level 1.
  • Buffs and Ports (to cities) can be found in Bazaar, Guild Lobby, and Guild Hall.
  • Many headaches, like PoP flagging and mob immunities, have been removed.
  • Epic 1.0s are actually epic (extra aug slots)!
  • Augments are a world drop.
  • Some unwanted augments can be sold to LDoN merchants in the Bazaar to buy useful gear.
  • Tradeskills max automatically when zoning into Tutorial or PoK.
  • Spells and Tomes can be bought in PoK.
  • Compatible with RoF2 and Underfoot clients.
  • RoF2 will provide the best gaming experience.
  • No custom files to download. Original client files only.

Read our website and forum for more details and say hello to the regulars with the OOC Webchat feature. A forum account is needed to chat in OOC via the forum, but not to read OOC via the website.

You can register on the forums in-game or from the forum! Talk to Mister Forum in PoK or Guild Hall.

Casual Dreams will never be pay-to-win.

We have dedicated hardware, a fiber connection, and automated remote backups.

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