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Project Lazarus
 Worldserver Name: Project Lazarus
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 695
 Average Players: 475
 Max Players: 1037
 Registered Name: Project Lazarus
 Server Type: Legit, Custom, PvE
 Class: Legends
 Server Owner: Dhaymion
 Website: http://discord.gg/qmSGhJq

Project Lazarus is a Omens of War era server with some exclusive raid encounters and Hardcore zones. With an overall goal of catering to a wide variety of playstyles, the server offers a healthy serving of rebalanced and custom content while retaining familiar roots to the base game. Many of the server features, offering something for virtually everyone, can be found below:

  • ROF2 Client which includes all available Quality of Life features
  • Boxing up to 6 (+1 for Bazaar Traders)
  • Out of Era Alternate Advancement
  • Custom currency drops and Raid gear merchants
  • Tradeable loot (Attunable above 125 hp/mana, Epics are no trade.)
  • No level requirements on loot with the exception of certain procs and click effects
  • Custom Race/Class combos, including custom Beastlord pets
  • Bonus custom content aimed at both new and advancing players
  • Epic 1.0s buffed from classic versions for increased relevance
  • Raid tuning balanced for 2 groups. (PoP Elemental-Time: 3 groups)
  • Low Tuning on GoD Raids for additional high end challenge
  • Instancing for high demand group/raid content w/ XP bonus for solo players
  • Buff, Rez, and Port NPCs among other Quality of Life additions.
  • Lots of tweaks and adjustments to classes for increased viability
  • MQ2/E3 allowed for boxing (No AFK macros or Warping/Ghost killing)
  • And more...

    Players who prefer to true solo (or run less than a full group) will benefit from features such as custom currency that gives alternate access to mid-high tier raid gear and the open tradability of the vast majority of items, along with increased XP in instances for soloers. Buff and Rez NPCs also keep those players from doing without the necessities that allow you to get into the action like anyone else. If youíre the type thatís mad enough to solo a rogue to max level, why not enjoy a fresh rez and some warm buffs while you prepare to take on all of Norrath once again!

    Those running a full group, casual or high end focused, will find wider group building possibilities with rebalanced classes (Additional main healer viability to Druid/Shaman and empowered battle Clerics for example) that allow for more interesting group combinations with potential to tackle all aspects of the game. No Holy Trinities required, unless youíre into that sort of thing.

    The raid scene is balanced with 2-3 groups in mind up to Plane of Time and Gates of Discord, along with a selection of custom Fabled raid targets that offer unique gear and challenges of their own. Flagging and keying is also opened up to allow more players to freely progress from group to raid content by simply bringing along a friend or two, or making new ones to progress alongside of! Additionally, The Citadel of Anguish offers a formidable trove of raid content for those on the cutting edge who wish to test themselves.

    Custom quests for server specific starting gear are available to put new players on the path of progression as they level into custom mid and higher tier quests, along with an incredibly deep selection of AAs that keep characters feeling like they have room to grow for a very long time. Daily quests with AA rewards available to help you on the way to building top tier characters.

    The server community is active and involved, with many features aimed towards the spirit of comradery and a low drama experience among the population (Serverwide XP Potions! No Batphones required.), along with active GM presence and veteran players who are quick to offer advice or an assist to their fellow players, whether in OOC chat or the server Discord. The server wiki holds all the information you need to catch up on the custom changes, and even a complete tradeskill guide.

    Lazarus has continued to grow and flourish past its three year anniversary with every new update, and every new face. So why not hop on by (yes, Frogloks are playable), settle in, and check it out for yourself?
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