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FlexQuest | Real-Time Flex-Difficulty Dungeons & Raids
 Worldserver Name: FlexQuest | Real-Time Flex-Difficulty Dungeons & Raids
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 0
 Average Players: 3
 Max Players: 24
 Registered Name: FlexQuest | Real-Time Flex-Difficulty Dungeons & Raids
 Server Type: Legit, PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Bigbad
 Website: http://flexquest.proboards.com/
 Description: SPECIAL THANKS
First off, a huge thanks to all of the EQEmulator, ProjectEQ, TAKP, P99, P2002, and Addicted Dads staff and developers. We have been enabled and influenced by all of their hard work.

FlexQuest is a casual progression server with plans to feature Classic through Planes of Power expansions. Current release is Velious with an appropriate level cap of 60.

We feature a custom, dynamic mob difficulty scaling system based on group/raid composition within instanced dungeon and raid zones. The system automatically scales all mobs in real-time to the calculated difficulty - but only if your group/raid's average player level is appropriate! If the group changes (i.e. a player needs to log off), the mobs will automatically change in difficulty... in real-time! You can choose to solo, one-group, multi-group any content! (You can literally solo dungeons and end-game content with any class and the right gear.) Public versions of all zones remain full-difficulty and do not scale to provide that content as well.

Our goal is to provide the base EverQuest content and experience we know and love without the time-sinks while still maintaining combat difficulty. This includes the time-commitment to gathering and coordinating a full-sized raid force. Many of us cannot commit that amount of time anymore, and we hope FlexQuest's flexible raiding system will assist in eliminating this need.

The server is based on PEQ database as of Dec 2023 and EQEmulator server code base as of Dec 2023.

Discord: https://discord.gg/ap8cjhK
Wiki: [Coming Soon]
AllaClone: [Coming Soon]

Lead Dev: Bigbad
IT Guy: Vaylin
Content Guy: Tpyo
Dev Guy: Ninlin

While the content through Velious is fairly polished, we will have active development on some new features as the server matures. Raid encounters are also actively being tested with varying raid group compositions to balance the dynamic scaling formulas.

RoF2 client is recommended. It is the client we test our development against and is the only client that we officially support. Be sure to download the old zone files to add to the client.

  • Scaling - "FlexRaid" is a custom, dynamic difficulty scaling system that automatically scales mobs in real-time based on the dungeon group or raid composition. The number of players and their classes factor into the difficulty calculations. Scaling only applies to private zone instances (solo, group, or guild versions available) which can be created for any dungeon or raid zone. Note: Mobs in the public versions of the zones (non-instance) remain full-scale. If the players are not raid or dungeon appropriate level, the mobs will also remain full-scale and be designated with a [NO FLEX] tag in their names.
  • Progression - "FlexFlag" is a custom, per-character flagging system that enforces proper content and expansion progression. To progress, visit the quest NPCs outisde of the Guild Lobby in PoK.
  • Expansion Zone Early Availability - Select lower-level open zones are available prior to achieving expansion progression access. Use PoK stones to access where available. These include: Cabilis - East & West, Field of Bone, Swamp of No Hope, Warsliks Woods, Firiona Vie, Frontier Mountains, Lake of Ill Omen, The Overthere, and Stoneburnt Mountains from Kunark. Iceclad Ocean, The Great Divide, and Eastern Wastes from Velious.
  • Expansion Dungeon Early Access - In classic, you can find insignia tokens on mobs of low-to-mid range dungeons that will allow you to unlock equivalent level dungeons of other expansions prior to being progession flagged for that expansion to assist in acquiring gear and offering ideal leveling dungeons.
  • Instancing - Instances for all dungeons and raids are available (including most outdoor zones). Look for FlexRaid Instance NPCs at the entrance to raid encounter areas. You can select Solo, Group, or Guild type private instances per zone.
  • Instance Locks- Dungeon and Raid instances have lockout timers to prevent endless farming. Raid/dungeon instance lock refresh per zone depends on its associated expansion and can range from 2 to 10 hours. You can have one instance per zone per character at a time. Once the locks expire, you are free to create a new zone instance.
  • Experience - Exp rate is boosted slightly for a smoother leveling experience. AA rate also boosted. Exp rate is stock, however... Scaled down mobs in dungeon/raid instances will still grant full experience, so you can also gain Exp faster by doing instanced dungeons and raids.
  • Spells & Skills - All skills are automatically maximized and all spells are automatically scribed upon each level-up.
  • Death - No Exp loss upon death. No corpse runs required either.
  • Leveling - Max level is 65. Each expansion has an appropriate level cap until the next progression expansion is unlocked per character.
  • Loot - Out of era items deemed overpowered were removed. (E.g. Defiant Armor Sets)
  • Regeants - Spell regeants removed for most spells, including pets.
  • Rest - Rest HP & Mana regen increased to 30% per tick (after 10 seconds of out-of-combat has passed). You will never wait more than a total of 30 seconds from out-of-combat until full HP and Mana.
  • Fear - Reduced frequency or removed fear in instances.
  • Charm - Reduced frequency or removed charm in instances.
  • Summoning - Mob summoning removed in instances.
  • Dispels - Mob dispels removed in instances.
  • Aggro Radius - Raid Mob aggro radius is reduced to support solo'ing or small group pulling in instances.
  • Keys - Removed many key requirements and door locks in instances. (Example: Plane of Air, Sebilis, Howling Stones)
  • Revamps - Working to restore out-of-era revamps to original zones. Veeshan's Peak has been restored to pre-revamp 1.0 so far. Plane of Fear will have Cazic Thule 1.0 by default and you can kill 1.0 and 2.0 will automatically spawn. CT will NOT summon all zone mobs on aggro.
  • Classic Item Drops - JBoots are now once again found on Drelzna in Najena (in addition to Ancient Cyc). Manastone is now restored to evil eye in LGuk. Guise of the Deceiver is restored to Ghoul Assassin in LGuk.
  • Newbie Gear - You receive 1pp-per-level upon every level-up to help purchase newbie gear from newbie gear vendors or use towards tradeskills.
  • Rare Spawn Rates - Rare spawns for many camps have had their spawn rate increased significantly. Your instances should be full of rare mobs with goodies to loot.
  • Race/Class Bonus/Penalty - No bonus or penalty for any class or race.
  • Race/Class Availability - All races/classes available at the time of Planes of Power are available with the addition of the Berserker race/class combos available at the time of GoD expansion release.

  • Boxing - A maximum of 3-boxing or 3 clients-per-IP is allowed.
  • Third-Party Programs - MQ2 is allowed for character control purposes only. ABSOLUTELY NO active hacks are allowed (Warping, Speed, etc). Detection is ON and suspensions and/or bans will be handed out for offenders.

Thanks for visiting. We hope you enjoy the server!
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