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 Worldserver Name: DreadBox:Re-Dredged
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 0
 Average Players: 13
 Max Players: 94
 Registered Name: DreadBox:Re-Dredged
 Server Type: Legit, Custom, PvE
 Class: Preferred
 Server Owner: dreadlordnoobcakes
 Website: http://discord.gg/weeN8v7sz7
 Description: DreadBox:Re-Dredged is a custom sever I've made with the help of the EQ Emu community. If it wasn't for the dedicated work of these fine people Dread Box would not exist. So I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who contributes their time and frustration to this project!

NEW! 02/03/2023 Vincent Valentine wants to assault ShenRah HQ head on now that you have the LowWind Back! Speak with him in the hub to find out more!


90% of content is tuned to be soloed

All the QoL crap you expect from a custom server, No xp loss, no corpse run, bind anywhere, no rec/req levels, no lore, no nodrop, etc.

Max level 70, with all spells, and AA's up to level 80 available.

Many classes now have new ability's to help them solo. Druids get slow, Everyone except pure melee get pets, and more stuff than I can list here.

Upgradeable Charm and Power source with a full heal click and buffs.

Time Sink Items: Spend your plat on a better Ring of Wealth, your AA on a Earring of Souls, and waste your time re-leveling you char from 1-70 over and over again for a Necklace of Wasted Time!

30+ custom titles for Time Sink items and Boss Kills.

Quests for Zone Aggro and Repop items.

Quest for Custom level 70 pets.

3 Box limit, with 4th ip allowed for a trader, or to switch alts easily.

All Race/Class Combos.

Custom Mercs.

Quests for Merc/Pet weapons to keep them relevant in new content.

Over 11,000 custom augments with a prefix/core/suffix system. Come collect your own Hurty Meat Gem of Meatyness.

65 Custom Quests to embark on.

30+ Customized zones to explore.

8 World Bosses tuned for groups to take on that drop Weapon and Hero Forge Ornaments

The Bazaar Works, and has a nifty place to level all your trade skills to around 200.

Custom trade skills and trade skill items to level trade skill from 200 - 300

Hero Forge Ornaments earned through trade skills.

Illusion, Mount, and Ornament vendors.

Fishing quest that rewards titles/ornaments.

Tiers of Content:
1. Leveling Content- The Old World
2. Tier 1- The Planes
3. Tier 2- CooThooLoos Realms
4. Tier 3- The Real FF7 Re-Make


#1 Don't be a dick:
No racist/sexist bullshit in chat, don't train people, don't steal camps. Simple stuff. Don't be a dick.
You get 1 warning.
I will ban you over this and not lose sleep over it.

#2 MQ2:
MQ2 is allowed. Warping and pulling mobs cross zone with MQ Target is fine.

No AFK Macros! I got better things to do than witch hunt people for this so I don't go out of my way to police it heavily. That being said if you are caught its a 1 week suspension. Further incidents will compound the suspension. Example, I catch you a 3rd time its 3 weeks suspension.

#3 3 Box Limit:
You may only play three characters at one time. A 4th ip is allowed to make changing alts in and out easier, or to use as a Bazaar Mule. I will allow IP exempts for households with multiple people wanting to play.

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