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Bastion Everquest Server
 Worldserver Name: Bastion EverQuest Server
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: Down (Last Seen: 06/09/24 02:58 AM EST)
 Average Players: 7
 Max Players: 21
 Registered Name: Bastion Everquest Server
 Server Type: Legit, PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Bastion-Server
 Website: http://bastion.ath.cx
 Description: Bastion Everquest Server is now in ALPHA. We are currently running over 150 static zones and will be adding more soon. Bastion runs on actual server hardware, not a home PC. Currently the server is anything goes. Bots are enabled, MQ2 is also usable. The content is basic PEQ with things being added as we can. This is a labor of love at the moment, as time becomes available. The client is ROF2. If you have any problems PM me at Bastion-Server this site, or talk to the GM (Nameless) who is usually in the guild lobby. If he isn't AFK he will do what he can to resolve the issue.

  • We have increased the experience per kill and would be glad to have your input on if it's too fast or too slow. The hope is that the player won't out level the content too quickly.
  • If you want buffs, Hail Erollisi Marr in the Guild Lobby. More buffs will be added at a later date. For now it is limited to a Mind, AC, or Speed buff.
  • Current Expansion is set to Omens.
  • The Nexus Ports are working. Watch out for the Velious/Odus port it sometimes goes wrong.
  • Mercs are almost ready for game play, just a few more things to work out. Give them a try if you want, there is a purchase price, but no upkeep fees at this time.
  • Working on making boats available. This is coming along very slowly.
  • Right now Mondays will be down time for Dev fixes etc. Sometimes the down time will extend into Tuesday if xtra TLC is needed.
  • Nothing required to download for client fixes at this time.
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