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Aman - Home of the Valar
 Worldserver Name: Aman - Home of the Valar
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 0
 Average Players: 8
 Max Players: 36
 Registered Name: Aman - Home of the Valar
 Server Type: Legit, Custom
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: manawenuz
 Website: http://discord.gg/P7hYfYecQS

Welcome to Aman, home of the Valar, a Lord of the Rings / Silmarillion themed server with custom items and currencies. This server will provide a unique Everquest experience that features npc’s, quests, spells, and items that are based on the works of J. R. R. Tolkien.

Set thousands of years following the events of the Lord of the Rings, you are summoned to Aman, the Undying Lands and home of the Valar. The Dark Tyrant Morgoth and his allies have returned from the Void, igniting the events of the Dagor Dagorath (battle of all battles). In Aman you must choose between good and evil; to either help the Valar and the peoples of Arda, or to bring about their destruction.

Based on your initial faction choice (Iluvatar Faithful or Servants of Morgoth) you will begin in one of two hub towns: Alqualonde (good) or the Pelori Mountains (evil). Travel through Aman, which revamps EQ zones from the Gates of Discord expansion on (primarily Veil of Alaris).

This server aims to provide custom/classic gameplay: custom zones, items, factions, and progression with "classic" EQ elements that provide a challenge.

• ROF2 Client required
• Unlimited boxing (within reason, see server rules)
• One mercenary is available per toon, but will cost platinum to enlist and utilize (cost disabled during beta)
• Four bots available per toon, but will require a quest line to use (quest disabled during beta)
• Food is required, but consumption rate is low
• All loot is tradeable (no drop has been removed entirely except for custom raid/quest items)
• Classic exp gain, hell levels, etc.
• Max Level: 60
• Exp loss on death at lvl 1
• Classic exp class and race penalties/bonuses
• Items stay on corpses and eventually decay (7 day timer) but can be summoned for a price (summons free during beta)
• Classic ruleset (pets die on zone, no auto-binding toons in cities, etc.)
• Hot zones that rotate
• Custom Lord of the Rings/ Silmarillion themed items & quests
• Alternate currency and items
• Quality of life enhancements, such as extended targets window and aggro meter
• Instancing for all zones that have raid targets
• MQ2/E3 and other macro programs allowed within server rules (see discord)

The server is now open for limited beta testing! Join us on discord or learn more on the Aman website.


Join us on discord for more info and to follow development!

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