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Aegis of Norrath
 Worldserver Name: Aegis of Norrath: Classic Progression server
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 86
 Average Players: 50
 Max Players: 286
 Registered Name: Aegis of Norrath
 Server Type: Legit, Custom, PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: demokis
 Website: http://https://discord.gg/ypCh38Htjs
 Description: Description: Aegis of Norrath is a community-driven server currently in the Scars of Velious (6/2023), where we strive to preserve a classic(ish) experience while also adding quality-of-life features from later expansions. Our dedicated team aims to create a fun and nostalgic journey through EverQuest's classic and progression eras. While MQ2 and multiboxing are allowed, cheating in any form, including warping, instant camping, or hacks, will not be tolerated. Let's foster kindness and relish in the nostalgia together! Join us on Discord to be a part of our community.

Server Features
  • ROF2 Client
  • All loot is tradeable with the exception of High-level quest items and raid loot.
  • Instances available for all raid targets with a 7-day lockout period
  • Classic loot drops like Manastone, Jboots, Guise, etc., still drop.
  • MQ2 Allowed - Boxing up to 18 accounts
  • Lore has been removed form all items to make inventory management easier for boxing
  • QOL Features turned on include: Retain items upon death, Retain memorized spells upon death, Removed Race penalties, Added extended target windows, All Backpacks are 10 slot bags, and all TS items stack to 1000.
  • Raid XP penalty was removed. Raids gain xp at a similar rate as groups.
  • Responsive Server Administrators
  • East Commonland's Tunnel is the Hub zone. Buffs do not fade while in EC. Perfect newbie location!
  • Translocators outside of every city offering ports back to ECTunnel.
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