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Project Gate - LUCLIN - Legit
 Worldserver Name: Project Gate [Luclin]
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 0
 Average Players: 14
 Max Players: 76
 Registered Name: Project Gate - LUCLIN - Legit
 Server Type: Legit
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: thefusz
 Website: http://https://discord.gg/AaAksm3gwz
A legit server currently in VELIOUS with some minor changes to add to the growth of content & nostalgia without taking away from that classic Everquest feel. We have added back into the game a huge number of original items that were once apart of Norrath. We have also introduced Cazic, Droga, Plane of Hate and Paw 2.0 to allow for some variety of new gear & more content to explore and destroy.
Firepots are in and working!
Shadows of Luclin JUST RELEASED 01/21/24!!!!!!!

QoL changes:

  • Increased regen times for out of combat
  • No racial / class XP bonuses/penalties
  • Less food/water consumption
  • Server wide OOC
  • Pets zone WITH you
  • Every mob with a spawn timer greater than 24hrs has been reduced down to 4 hours with a variance window.
  • All spell reagents stack to 100. (bone chips, peridot, pearl, etc)
  • Some of the basic food/ drink also stack to 100. (Muffin, bottle of milk, water flask, ration and more)
  • All class research only spells are being sold on the Shady vendor in EC tunnels.

  • Extras:

  • OOC to Discord
  • Some out of era Spells have been introduced.
  • We have added some items to Shady in EC Tunnels to give you more to grind plat for! (Armor Dyes, Bags, etc.)
  • Monthly Events
  • 6 box limit
  • Rotating Hotzones

  • General:

    We have brought back into the game: Runed Fighters Staff, Manastone, original DE mask, Pre-nerf Circlet of Shadow, Fungi Robe has the Regen effect it once had, Wurmslayer is prim/sec Equippable, Ton Pos stick is currently in and dropping but it wont last forever, Polyphenomenal Axe, and more!

    Custom Changes

    A few select AA's are now active!
    We have added in some custom Nerfed down Epic 2.0 quests
    We have made minor changes to a few items such as the Root proccing items from Tunare now proc Ensnare instead.
    Berzerkers are now playable!
    Pets have been slightly buffed
    We have made some changes on the back end to allow for casters dps to not be so bad like it was in original Velious.
    Rogues Assassination works here!
    Rogue epic is prim/sec/range slot equippable just like it was originally.
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