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LUNA (Luclin 2 Box Custom) ROF2 | Vex Thal BIS
 Worldserver Name: LUNA (Luclin 2 Box Custom) ROF2 | Vex Thal BIS
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 2
 Average Players: 4
 Max Players: 17
 Registered Name: LUNA (Luclin 2 Box Custom) ROF2 | Vex Thal BIS
 Server Type: Legit, Custom, PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Drathil
 Website: Not Available
 Description: LUNA is a brand new 2 box max server set during the Luclin expansion. Our website is https://www.projectluna.us/ At Project LUNA we're doing what has never been done before. You've seen the likes of P1999 which adheres very closely to the original experience, and even the likes of The Hidden Forest in which nearly everything is completely custom. Well we do things a little bit differently. The premise of our server is to maintain the need for socialization while still rewarding and accommodating players who want to play solo with our custom coded heal servant. We don't want to simply copy and paste what has already done, but rather fill in some of the gaps that were filled with rather unpopular solutions. For instance, have you ever been wandering a zone on live and wondered what the deal is with all of the empty tunnels and buildings? In addition to adding "new zones" why not build upon the original game? Our free-trade server seeks to add era-style custom content to these locations to avoid overcrowding without trivializing the original encounters. We plan to stay Luclin-Locked with an IP enforced 2 box maximum. Many other features have been added to make boxing less appealing such as a solo exp bonus and an upgradable servant. Finally, much of the removed content in the game such as Mayong Mistmoore, and the Leviathan have been readded with a twist. If you want to join us just download the ROF2 client from a quick google search and use our patcher included in client files! Our website is projectluna.us. Please download our patch for ROF2 to join!
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