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Wasting Time
 Worldserver Name: Wasting Time
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 15
 Average Players: 5
 Max Players: 30
 Registered Name: Wasting Time
 Server Type: Custom
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Bemvaras
 Website: http://discord.gg/C4hSgtAzPb
 Description: Wasting Time server is open in what I will call early Alpha. Be prepared for random server restarts or potential rollbacks if I do a dumb.

Rules: None! Warp, Box, Bots, do whatever you want as long as its not harassing another player I'm good with it!

Current Features: Auto Skill/Spell Train on level up
Added 3 Aug Slots to every piece of gear
Made every aug fit into any slot
Custom Augs for survival during zone pulls, have to earn them though!
Bots Enabled create/summon up to 150
#zone enabled aka #zone Poknowledge or #zone 202, use #fz(findzone) to find zone names if you dont know them, aka #fz guk
3 Tiers of Augs and custom items with 3 different currencies, only 2 of which currently are reasonably obtainable atm.
Custom pets for Beastlords of each race.
4 Tiers of Clicky Buff item with stats
All Race/Class combos unlocked
NPC Repop times reduced to 10 mins or less
Zone aggro item
Zone Repop Item
Class Mastery Augs as a reward for the rebirth system
Rebirth system! Gain rewards for goin back to level 1 and releveling
Instance NPC to create an instance to any zone
and more being added daily! Come hang out and have some fun!

Note: Lots of server restarts happening as I work on stuff so be prepared for that if you hop on. Super open to suggestions and love to hear what anyone thinks should be added.

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