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  1. Tradeskill code fix
  2. Post Your New Code Here!
  3. Iksar BL pet fix
  4. Update to LDoN Open Button Support
  5. Out of combat regen rates.
  6. Warrior Berserk bonus
  7. No gains for illegially equipped items
  8. Disable levitate effects in certain zones?
  9. Linux FC4 Compile Error
  10. Break Invis/Hide when Looting Corpse
  11. #NPCEdit loottable
  12. Ogres Immune to Frontal Melee Stuns
  13. NPC Out of Combat Regen
  14. Inconsequential typo in common\rules.cpp
  15. #time off by an hour
  16. Make time available to quests
  17. Bind Wound
  18. Fix for tradskill bug
  19. new command #advnpcspawn and related functions
  20. Merchant names when talking to players
  21. multiple fixes to common damage and death
  22. Fix: Low Level damage caps affecting avg dmg
  23. FIX: Skills not capping properly.
  24. Fix with added binarys on custom server
  25. Divine Intervention text
  26. Fix to Lore Slotted Augment Checks
  27. Adding a Item Shielding Cap Rule
  28. Adding a ATK field to npc_types
  29. Adding a Rule to use Dex and Agi in Hit Chance calculation
  30. Support for defensive Instinct and Reflexive Mastery AA.
  31. Limiting client connections by IP address (Integrated into Rules System)
  32. Banning IPs at the World Server (Integrated into Rules)
  33. MQWarp/MQZone/MQGate Detector (Code Name: The VZTZ Hammer!)
  34. Minor Annoyance regarding dieties
  35. Zone & World Emotes
  36. Dupe money on crash
  37. Distance check to Taunts
  38. Distance check to Consented Corpses
  39. Indoor/Outdoor fix
  40. Crash bug in #rules reload
  41. /rewind
  42. Small fix for Database::StoreCharacter for MSVC
  43. #fixmob Command Adjustments
  44. Tradeskill Bug--Quick Fix
  45. Azone Patch
  46. Quest Commands for Temp Race, Texture, Size and Gender Changes
  47. array index error
  48. Aggro LOS fix (maybe..?)
  49. Flee Patch to stop mobs fleeing if other mobs are also in combat against the player
  50. Fix for merchant price bugs
  51. Minor bug fix for agnostics
  52. A possible linkdeath fix
  53. Buffs Being Blocked That Shouldn't Be
  54. Compiles Warning Fix's
  55. Disable CotH on a Per-Zone Basis
  56. Bug Fix: Stop Pets Fleeing
  57. Bug Fix: Pet HP Bar out-of-combat update
  58. New Character: Hunger / Thirst
  59. Bug Fix: Show pet buffs icons in pet window
  60. Forum Cleanup
  61. MQ Illegal Item Equip Detection
  62. Shared Bank plat
  63. NPC Quest Journal
  64. BestZ Calculation for aggroed mobs, pet follow and mobs pathing back to spawn point
  65. Fix for mob not always facing attacker
  66. Small fix: Random name generator
  67. Fix for bald players bug
  68. Minor NPC Spells Recast Delay Adjustment
  69. Chaotic Potential AA Fix
  70. Spell And Skill Rule for Above MaxLevel Players
  71. Correction: "Hit by non-melee damage"
  72. Titanium OP_Sound for quest::ding
  73. Proc spells don't work after zoning
  74. Client popup window (like in the tutorial zone)
  75. DeleteStalePlayerBackups() function typo(i think)
  76. Resurrection Reworked (with Confirmation box)
  77. Spell Blocking (now with Intra-Zone restrictions!)
  78. Submission: Fix for quest:itemlink()
  79. ZoneNumbers
  80. Charm fade by invis
  81. Bit of zone code
  82. Translocate and Sacrifice Confirmation Boxes
  83. quest::traindiscs();
  84. IP Limiting Additional Feature and Correction
  85. Zone instancing
  86. Technique of Master Wu AA
  87. Task System
  88. Keyring
  89. 2 Hand Damage Bonus
  90. Combat Fixes
  91. New Spell Effect IDs
  92. Enter Tutorial and Return Home buttons at Character Select
  93. merchantlist_temp riddle
  94. /who all friend
  95. Enraged, Flurry and Rampage Spamming Fix
  96. New Quest Command quest::clearspawntimers()
  97. Submission: AA Ding Message
  98. 2H weapon damage bonus
  99. PC main and second hand attacks
  100. Project Illusion AA
  101. Forum reorganization
  102. Submission: IP Limiting Minor Fix
  103. Slippery Attacks AA
  104. Swift Journey AA
  105. Regen AAs
  106. Deathblow AA
  107. Submissions
  108. Double Attack Change
  109. Quest Function get average level ind/group/raid
  110. VS2008 Compile Fix
  111. Shutdown timer rule/zone basis
  112. Sinister Strikes AA
  113. Critical Affliction AA
  114. Quest command: Get Instance Flag
  115. Changes for setinstflag and setinstflagmanually
  116. Pet Power Item Focus
  117. TGB Change
  118. Alcohol Drinking / Skillup Fix
  119. Slay Undead Fix
  120. Tradeskill Group Emotes
  121. Check For SpellEffect Fix
  122. CoH Hate List Wipe
  123. Slay Undead Fix **Priority
  124. Player Backup & Corpses
  125. Various GoD AA Code Changes
  126. GoD: Rapid Strikes AA
  127. GoD: Coat of Thistles AA
  128. GoD: Elemental Alacrity AA
  129. Exp Loss Rule , care to test it anyone?
  130. spell kills mob but no message
  131. quest::collectitems
  132. Fix: Instancing zones with ID above 255
  133. GoD: Elemental Agility AA
  134. GoD: Heightened Endurance AA
  135. Food/Drink Stats - Fixed
  136. items disappearing after last charge is used - possible fix, test your items!
  137. GetBuffSlotFromType issue
  138. GMAccountIPList
  139. Item Duplication with looting corpse to fast
  140. GoD: Bard Sing/Inst Mod AAs
  141. Pet Affinity Fix (maybe)
  142. Magic weapon spell effects
  143. Songs with instrument requirements
  144. Throwing fix
  145. Berserker Blur of Axes AA fix
  146. Berserker Dead Aim AA fix
  147. Berserker Rage Volley Fix
  148. Learning Languages
  149. Bandolier fix
  150. World Perl10 fix
  151. cleanipc compile fix for gcc-4.3.2
  152. Title suffix quest command
  153. Some bard tweaks
  154. Undye fix
  155. Rest State HP and MP Bonus
  156. Connection issues with multiple servers
  157. safe fall
  158. Controllable boats
  159. Small patch to see the long name of the zone in the web interface
  160. Show helmet option
  161. Quest - fixed unsourced localised emote (quest::echo)
  162. Fix for QuickSummoning AA (to include Call of the Hero)
  163. autobuild for Linux, FreeBSD, OS X
  164. Augment Item Info
  165. Client::GetAugmentID
  166. FreeBSD compile fix
  167. misc fix
  168. load player corpse decay time
  169. fix for item missing when trading
  170. COMMITTED: Slow Mitigation
  171. Combat Ability hot buttons / reuse timers.
  172. A Few small bugs
  173. Shield Block Working
  174. Patches for 64bit linux
  175. New rules NPC:astFightingDelayMovingMin and NPC:astFightingDelayMovingMax
  176. /assist question
  177. Small recipe retrieval change.
  178. a myriad of missing pet names
  179. Armor Tint Deluxe
  180. Suggestion for New Forums Sections
  181. Heal Messages StringIDs
  182. New rule NPC SmartLastFightingDelayMoving
  183. Implemented StringID ALREADY_INVIS
  184. New Rule: Flagging Hostile NPCs
  185. Rogue Max Backstab Damage Rule
  186. New #Object Command
  187. EQEmuLoginServer compile patch
  188. Encumbered AGI Penalty
  189. Maxlevel in addition to NPC level
  190. Adding Stats table to EQEmuLS For display on a webpage
  191. keyring quest fuctions (check&add)
  192. GMSay for quests
  193. AddLootDropToNPC replacement
  194. Fix to pet owner faction
  195. $faction bug fix
  196. COMMITTED: quest::voicetell(charactername, macronum)
  197. add lastlogin_ip field to account table submission
  198. npc persistent pets
  199. Rune spells preventing stun
  200. share bank dupe prevent
  201. coin dupe prevent
  202. GM pass locked portral without having a key
  203. Wizard AA: Teleport Bind
  204. SE_CriticalSpellChance Code Fix + Frenzied Devastation (Wiz AA)
  205. SE_SpellVulnerability half fix (druid epic uses)
  206. SE_CriticalDoTChance fix (Bard/Necro epic)
  207. #transferchar [charname] [acctid]
  208. COMMITTED: Random door issue fix
  209. #zone minor tweak
  210. Minor spell message fixes
  211. Double Attack for bards and beastlords
  212. Beastlord Epic 2.0 target type 38
  213. lowername bypass check
  214. spell_convert sln and readme
  215. Client::SetMana corrections
  216. Bot Healing Fix
  217. COMMITTED: Waypoints
  218. COMMITTED: Faction Values
  219. COMMITTED: Suspend Minion Patch
  220. COMMITTED: Mastery of the Past fix
  221. COMMITTED: Calliav Code
  222. COMMITTED: /pet who leader fix
  223. COMMITTED: #timeban [name][days]
  224. COMMITTED: #npcedit weapon graphics addition
  225. COMMITTED: Minor Fix: Duplicate Declarations (command.h)
  226. COMMITTED: Manual WP Add Fix
  227. COMMITTED: MobAI Typo Fix
  228. NPCs not gaining stats for offhand
  229. Pet Focus
  230. COMMITTED: Allow books to be sent in perl
  231. Pet Focus + NPC Expanded Inventory + NPC Item Haste Fixes
  232. Random NPC names with the @ Symbol
  233. COMMITTED: Prices when buying stacks
  234. md5.cpp - removing C4554 waning
  235. COMMITTED: Duel vs. Dual and Weild vs. Wield
  236. COMMITTED: listnpcs all with spawn locations
  237. COMMITTED: Mezing Moving Mobs
  238. COMMITTED: Drakkin bots
  239. COMMITTED: Pet Behavior
  240. StringIDs.h bow double damage spelling fix
  241. COMMITTED: /melody for Titanium
  242. COMMITTED: Learning Recipes
  243. COMMITTED (Rev1454): quest::givecash()
  244. Suggestion for perl quest random function
  245. COMMITTED: Mana bug Fix
  246. Saylink's Crashing Zone on No Target Fix
  247. Tactical Mastery AA
  248. Percision of the Pathfinder AA
  249. AvoidDamage function optimizations
  250. EQEmuLoginServer/ErrorLog.cpp r1459 Linux Compile Fix