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Old 04-10-2011, 06:14 PM
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Default Secrets/Ailia/Bleh Spell Editor v2.4

This is an updated version of Ailia's Spell Editor, modifications to make it actually be functional again. The version I posted before did not save, this one does.

It has new features:

* Sort by class, name, or level & edit

* Save by class, name, or level

* Secrets of Faydwer/Seeds of Destruction spellfile support.

* Shards of Dalaya spellfile support.
Existing features are still there, including legacy titanium support. It is reccomended that you use the database for spells anyway, which exports as SoF/SoD files. I believe spellfile loading is still there as an option, however, if you prefer sharedmem instead of DB loading.

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7bfdhk

If people can confirm this as working, can you upload this version to your site, GeorgeS?

It requires .NET 4.0, download that from M$'s website.
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Old 04-10-2011, 06:27 PM
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nice work!

BTW Secrets, I noticed that spell duration formulas finally given some descriptions but not all. What exactly "Duration" type stand for?

also Level*30 - does level taken from person who casts the spell, or who receives the buff?
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Old 04-11-2011, 10:38 AM
Forum Guide
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Excellent, I added the tool to the website.

Your source for EQ database tools
Toolshop is open for business

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Old 03-08-2012, 03:28 PM
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Doesn't work for me. I get:
CLR error: 80004005
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Old 05-19-2013, 11:16 PM
Hill Giant
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does this load from spell file to database? like nulls used to or how do spells work now?
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Old 08-02-2014, 02:40 AM
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Shin Noir
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This is sticky'd, but 404/file not found, I don't know where to get it. Maybe unsticky?

~Shin Noir
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Old 10-23-2014, 09:34 AM
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You can get it here but it hasn't been updated in forever.
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Old 09-27-2016, 09:29 AM
Fire Beetle
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Can you use this to edit ROF2 spell files or when you save will it change/delete a lot of stuff?
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