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Old 03-12-2015, 12:39 PM
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Default Updating and Maintainability

I need to make some overdue news posts on our community and the amazing work our guys are doing behind the scenes all the time, but I wanted to get this information out there because it is no good if people aren't aware of these things being available.

To some of you it has been obvious the attempts to improve an area that has been much needed in improvement, and that is the installing, deployment and maintaining of a server.

For some of us, we can set up a server from scratch in as little as 15 minutes. For some of us it would take a week after frustrating battles and slamming your face into desk.

Akka's Repack
For most new people, the repack has made EQEmu server immediately available and this puts the power of creativity, simplicity, ease and enjoyment into the hands of anyone who wishes to re-experience or express themselves using this great game as their medium.

EQEmu Update Script (Linux and Windows)
Originally, this script was made to keep databases up to date with changes, which it has done so almost flawlessly with some bumps here and there, like any software you overcome bugs and challenges. Now, it has grown into a more complete utility script that you can use to keep server assets up to date with ease.

Right now it supports the following options you see in the image below. With the ability to 'Officially' download the latest V2 Map files which have not been easily available anywhere until now.

It also supports updating LUA Modules/Perl Plugins/PEQ Quests and it does so intelligently, as in, if you have changes between your local file and the updated copy, it will display those changes and ask you if you want to actually update that file before doing so. This makes the process far less blind. And, if you wanted to install all of these things from scratch, it will also pull everything down flawlessly.

Future Additions
What my plans are for adding onto this script:
  • Windows server setup from scratch
  • Windows Loginserver Setup (Local)
  • PEQ Database Auto Import (With prompts to set database name)
  • Windows latest server binary stable download
  • Any other useful utilities that come by over time

Currently this script updates itself when new server binaries are ran, however if you want to update it manually yourself until you update it, here is the current version: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EQ...qemu_update.pl

So while this is more of a FYI, feel free to post any new thoughts, appreciation or ideas. Thanks, Akka

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Old 03-12-2015, 04:02 PM
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THAT is one feature I love about this whole new (to me) system. It's easier than doing manual windows updates (smirk)
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Old 03-12-2015, 05:44 PM
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Thanks Akka, you're the best!
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Old 03-12-2015, 05:50 PM
Hill Giant
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Great work! Thanks Akka and Team
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Old 03-12-2015, 06:36 PM
Fire Beetle
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Thank you Akkadius
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Old 03-13-2015, 12:46 PM
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I use all and every tool provided by Akka, and team.

I truly appreciate the ease of use and willingness of all parties to address all questions and concerns that are brought up in the community.

Much Much MUCH thanks!
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Old 03-17-2015, 07:30 PM
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Very Nice. Thank you. All of you.
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