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Old 07-01-2015, 07:30 AM
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Default Super simple dragitem to *.gif stripping code

This is a ack together that takes the latest *.dds files from live (dragitem#.dds) and turns them into item_###.gif files (that reflect the item icon ID). It's total hack, but works.

Requirements: convert

My version is on a unix based system, but you can easily do windows just changing the convert commands to convert.exe, and any / to \'s.
And cp to copy.

You also need to run php code. (It's a hack!)

for ($id = 1; $id < 218; $id++) {
	echo "$id\n";	
	if (!file_exists($id)) mkdir($id);
	exec("convert dragitem$id.dds -crop 40x40 +repage +adjoin $id/item_%02d.gif");

$baseCounter = 500;
if (!file_exists('out')) mkdir('out');

for ($i = 1; $i < 218; $i++) {

	$files = scandir($i);

	//$row = 1;
	$numFiles = 0;
	$fileCounter = 0;
	$counter = $baseCounter;
	foreach ($files as $file) {

		if ($file == "." || $file == "..") continue;
		if (filesize("$i/$file") < 100) {

		$name = $fileCounter+$counter;
		//echo "$file = $name";
		exec("cp $i/$file out/item_$name.gif");

		$fileCounter += 6;

		if ($fileCounter >= 31) {
			$fileCounter = 0;
	$baseCounter += 36; 

If you'd rather just get a dump of every item icon let me know.

There's ~7800 icon images

~Shin Noir
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