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Old 04-24-2015, 06:19 PM
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Default Vegarlson Asylum - A Luclin Experience

Few experiences can compare to that moment EQ adventures first ventured to the moon. The thrill of not knowing what dangers and rewards would be found undertaking that unknown journey.

Not many Everquest expansions have compared to the majestic feeling brought by seeing your first sunrise on the Shadows of Luclin.

So I would like to take this time to introduce The Vegarlson Asylum server to the EQEmulator community.

You finally have that chance to relive the Luclin experience or explore it for the first time.

For the past few months, dozens of us have been fine tuning and perfecting the server to become as live like as possible with a few select bonuses.

A few of the features which sets us apart from live are.

Item Stack to 100
Slight EXP Bonus
Reduced Food Consumption so you don't eat all your plat away
Improved translocators so you aren't waiting 15 minutes just to miss the scion due to not hailing them first to obtain a stone.
Legacy items such as Manastones and dark elf illusion masks.
Corpse dragging increased to 4 so monks may rejoice.
Special items such as mounts and illusion items rotating monthly on a bazaar merchant. They are by no means cheap and are only available for a limited time. Get one while you can.
Improved pets. No longer do they disappear when zoning or going invis.
Improved quest drops. Some quest items have improved drop rates to cut down on wasting precious time, but not those epic drops. So get your EB items ready if you're going after Begurgle.
Veeshan Peak 1.0. The zone and key quest are fully functional and a great place to get those much coveted clickies.
Updated models in zones such as Plane of Hate and several other zones.
Those are just some of the many improvements that have been made to the Luclin experience.
A Dedicated Game Patcher to keep your files up to date.
Working Bazaar. IP exemptions are given to allow a trader to be online all the time.

Now for the server rules
Absolutely no use of Macroquest. You will be suspended and or banned should you break this rule. A few beta testers learned this first hand. The only approved boxing application is ISboxer.
4box limit. This is subject to change as population increases. There is a 3 minute IP lockout on switching accounts.
ROF2 client is required.
No whining, or crying to GMs. They got enough trouble perfecting content and don't need to be bothered with you begging to increase item drop rates from premier mobs.

Our server already has a decent population with around 80-100 people online and a premier raiding guild looking for new members to down content with. We would also like to see other guilds form to create a competitive raiding environment for the overall health of the server. So if any guilds are bored and looking for some new content feel free to migrate over.

There are plans to unlock later expansions but not for some time so players can fully experience everything Luclin has to offer. The plan is to eventually unlock up to Legacy of Ykesha.

And GM's are actively working everyday to improve content, fix bugs and help out players whenever they find themselves in that situation where something crazy happened.

So if you're looking for Luclin with a decent population Vegarlson Asylum is for you. You can find our servers website at http://www.vegarlson-server.org where you will find the patcher to receive all the proper zone and spell files to begin playing today.

Hope to see you in game!

Vegarlson Dev Team
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