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The Al'Kabor Project (Mac Intel/PC client)[www.takproject.net]
 Worldserver Name: The Al'Kabor Project [www.takproject.net]
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 193
 Average Players: 251
 Max Players: 795
 Registered Name: The Al'Kabor Project (Mac Intel/PC client)[www.takproject.net]
 Server Type: Legit, PvE
 Class: Legends
 Server Owner: Robregen
 Website: http://www.takproject.net
 Description: The Al'Kabor Project
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The Al'Kabor Project (TAKP) is a Planes of Power era server using a circa December 2002 client.

TAKP was started by Project EQ staff members Cavedude and Robregen. It is lead and developed by Robregen, Haynar and Speedz. Additionally developed by Solar and Torven.

Sony's Al'Kabor server was the server for the Macintosh client. It forked from the PC side around the time of PoP's launch and never received content updates for the decade of its life, being perpetually stuck in that era for a decade until its sunset. The unique gameplay and community of EQMac now lives on in the form of The Al'Kabor Project with many long time AK players having moved here.

TAKP offers players the most era accurate EverQuest experience of any server, be it an emu or live. We are the only server using a client appropriate to the content and a tremendous amount of work has been done to ensure combat and gameplay mechanics accuracy.

  • Limited (3 max) boxing allowed.
  • A Windows client is available, as well as the Mac client.
  • Permanent 20% experience bonus.
  • The Ykesha era group experience bonus is active. (+20% per group member)
  • Mass Group Buffs hit players of all levels.
  • Hosted in EQ Emu's datacenter.
  • Highly experienced developers with close ties to the EQ Emu community.
  • Heavily modified codebase from a 2013 EQ Emu fork.
  • Original database with highly accurate NPC statistics.
  • Friendly community.
  • Shared raid content. (no 'poopsocking')
  • Launched Jan 1st 2015.
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