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To find out more information about a server, including description and website, click on the View link.
Version Server Information Status Legends Servers
[U] [View] 457 ProjectEQ (PEQ) The Grand Creation
[U] [View] 355 Project 1999 Green
[U] [View] 289 Project 1999 Blue
[U] [View] 157 EZ Server
[U] [View] 99 The Al'Kabor Project (Mac Intel/PC client)[www.takproject.net]
[U] [View] 60 The Hidden Forest
[U] [View] 22 Project 1999 Red
Version Server Information Status Preferred Servers
[U] [View] 325 Enine's ProFusion
[U] [View] 312 Project Lazarus
[U] [View] 155 Dragon Soul
[U] [View] 50 Imperium_EQ
[U] [View] 50 Rise of Zek: Legends [Luclin/PVP/Progression](riseofzek.com)
[U] [View] 36 Shards of Dalaya
[U] [View] 12 Raid Addicts (Fully Custom) [Solo/Group/Raid]
[U] [View] 8 EQ-Reborn
[U] [View] 4 UltimateEQ
[U] [View] 1 Vegarlson Asylum
[U] [View] 0 EQ Classless
Version Server Information Status Standard Servers
[U] [View] 58 EQTitan [Legit PoP/LDoN/GoD]
[U] [View] 52 Rise of Norrath: Reborn
[U] Unregistered 48 Mel's Windows PEQ Installer (g2Ix3T)
[U] [View] 31 [Return of Norrath] TAIWAN-EverQuest
[U] [View] 15 Shadowrest
[U] [View] 13 Imperfekt EQ
[U] [View] 12 [VoG] Visions of Grandeur
[U] [View] 12 [TDE] The Dark Exile
[U] [View] 10 Hellefire
[U] [View] 9 Clumsy's World [Kunark, Semi-Custom, QoL+]
[U] [View] 9 The Experience
[U] [View] 7 Matrix-EQ
[U] [View] 7 Casual Dreams: Solo PoP
[U] [View] 5 Everlasting Life
[U] Unregistered 5 Linux PEQ Installer (ZmbpIU)
[U] Unregistered 4 Play-Scroll
[U] [View] 3 day1
[U] [View] 3 Curtin's Custom EQ Server
[U] Unregistered 3 EZ Solo Server - 10X exp, FV Ruleset
[U] [View] 2 Rolath
[U] Unregistered 2 Zeccis ZD1
[U] Unregistered Locked zzPrivate_Server_Inebriated_Testzz
[U] [View] Locked New Freeport [Fully Custom]
[U] [View] 1 Aussie Crew
[U] [View] 1 Profusion (Moguay TEST Server)
[U] Unregistered 1 BetterQuest (Under Heavy Construction)
[U] Unregistered Locked Ceyxground
[U] Unregistered 1 Ren PEQ
[U] Unregistered 1 [The Pet Server - All classes get pets]
[U] [View] 0 The Firiona Vie Project [Classic Progression]
[U] [View] 0 Flavortown (Velious, Progression to PoP, Raid Focused, Char Transfer/Clone, Guild/Group Xfers Welcome)
[U] [View] 0 FlexQuest | Real-Time Flex-Difficulty Dungeons & Raids
[U] [View] 0 VegasEQ | Velious | Random Drops | 3x EXP | QoL
[U] [View] 0 Aeternum (Custom, Solo, aa's & epic from level 1)
[U] [View] 0 Alternitys Edge
[U] [View] Locked Dungeon EQ - Roguelike Dungeon Crawling (Solo) - Hardcore mode
[U] [View] 0 Craigs EverlyQuest World 1 (CEQW-01)
[U] [View] 0 Descent of Darkness: Solo, Bots, Random Loot
[U] [View] Locked Elfin Magic Classic EQ Progression
[U] [View] 0 Halls Havoc - Supporting Boxing(up to 4), Classic thru Velious. Raid zones set up for 1-2 groups.
[U] [View] 0 Karana (x3 XP, Mercs, Speed)
[U] [View] 0 Kingdom Dragons
[U] [View] 0 Lanys T'Vyl
[U] [View] 0 LHSandbox
[U] [View] 0 Luclin Reborn
[U] [View] 0 NoBS [Classic style Legit PVE server with bots ]
[U] [View] 0 Nova
[U] [View] Locked under construction - testing
[U] [View] Locked Riot Test Server
[U] [View] 0 Rise of Zek - Kunark [Classic/PVP/Progression](riseofzek.com)
[U] [View] 0 Rise of Zek 1.0 [Luclin/PVP/Progression](riseofzek.com)
[U] [View] 0 Rise of Zek - Development
[U] [View] Locked Scruffy Nerf Herders
[U] [View] 0 EQMacEmu Dev Server
[U] [View] Locked The Forgotten World
[U] [View] 0 [Test Server] The Hidden Forest
[U] [View] 0 The OGO Server (solo friendly)
[U] [View] 0 WoW-TW Everquest
[U] [View] 0 [Hall of Heroes][ceq/Hero]
[U] [View] 0 [PROJECT AXCLASSIC] The Rathe
[U] [View] 0 [PROJECT AXCLASSIC] The Rathe UK
[U] Unregistered Locked EQ Reborn - Test Server [Velious]
[U] Unregistered Locked EQR Dev
[U] Unregistered Locked EQR QA
[U] Unregistered 0 ![SEQ]Sanctuary - 30 Custom Classes - Difficult Custom Server
[U] Unregistered 0 < Freedom > Test Server
[U] Unregistered 0 A2019 MyEQsf [Halloween Mercs&Bots:RoF2 Spells GMcommands]
[U] Unregistered 0 Action Park (unstable)
[U] Unregistered 0 Addicted Dads [Progression/2box/PoP]
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Linux PEQ Installer (8JYcPD)
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Linux PEQ Installer (E6O8gV)
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Linux PEQ Installer (hoJMFm)
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Linux PEQ Installer (i4HfsD)
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Linux PEQ Installer (K4G86O)
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Linux PEQ Installer (SfRf2U)
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Linux PEQ Installer (vPmQZt)
[U] Unregistered Locked Akkas Linux PEQ Installer (ZsMoG7)
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Windows PEQ Installer (Ua9AsY)
[U] Unregistered 0 An interesting hole
[U] Unregistered 0 Bear Hug Productions Test Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Bill's EQ Server(2018-5-02)
[U] Unregistered 0 Bimbles Beautiful Banquet of Bones
[U] Unregistered 0 Bon Bon's World
[U] Unregistered 0 Cashen Clan
[U] Unregistered 0 Classless 3.0 Alpha
[U] Unregistered 0 Dawn of Time - NO Defiant, Max 71 bots [Heavily Under Construction]
[U] Unregistered 0 Dencelle's Soloist Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Discordians - Morell Thule
[U] Unregistered 0 Dolalin's Classic Splitpaw Test Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Dracks Server
[U] Unregistered 0 EternalNight [+Mercs] +74 RK I Spells
[U] Unregistered 0 Etna
[U] Unregistered 0 Forgotten Destiny
[U] Unregistered 0 Glavid's Realm
[U] Unregistered 0 Guindel Local Server
[U] Unregistered Locked Hellbound (In-Dev)
[U] Unregistered 0 Highpoint Station PEQ (Thoof)
[U] Unregistered 0 HisO -Legit. Under Construction
[U] Unregistered Locked HoneyTree
[U] Unregistered 0 HoneyTree
[U] Unregistered 0 Jhop
[U] Unregistered 0 JP's Murloc Server
[U] Unregistered 0 JUDs Test Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Juffland
[U] Unregistered 0 Legacies Lost [Development]
[U] Unregistered 0 lidstah's EQ server
[U] Unregistered 0 LoDR (MCL)
[U] Unregistered 0 Lord BetaWolf's Server (PEQ/Boxing/Bots)
[U] Unregistered 0 Loremaster
[U] Unregistered 0 ManzoLab Linux server
[U] Unregistered 0 Maynard's Realm
[U] Unregistered 0 Nazwahdis Docker LAN Server
[U] Unregistered 0 New Game Plus - Public Test
[U] Unregistered Locked New Norrath Project
[U] Unregistered 0 Nicks Supreme
[U] Unregistered 0 Niflheim
[U] Unregistered 0 Nyghtshade Ivy
[U] Unregistered 0 Onix
[U] Unregistered 0 Pavins Pride
[U] Unregistered 0 Prexus
[U] Unregistered 0 Project Lazarus Test Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Raspberry Pi 3 Test Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Sailingaway EQ Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Saudade
[U] Unregistered 0 Scrubfires Yearning
[U] Unregistered 0 Secrets of Faydwer
[U] Unregistered 0 Slackers
[U] Unregistered 0 Storm Arrissing Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Super Ethical Suprise Mechanics 2
[U] Unregistered 0 Tdayin's Realm
[U] Unregistered Locked TEST - Bots, Mercs, Solo modofications, QOL Improvements
[U] Unregistered 0 Testing
[U] Unregistered 0 TFMG - Friendly [Bots,Mercs,Solo/Group] Server
[U] Unregistered Locked The Adventure Reborn
[U] Unregistered Locked The Adventure Vondelpark
[U] Unregistered 0 The Sandbox (24x7 Legit-Custom)
[U] Unregistered Locked Tossica's Tale of Torment
[U] Unregistered 0 Tower of Sorcery 2020
[U] Unregistered 0 TQPS EverQuest Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Venerate Practice Server
[U] Unregistered 0 VICs EverQuest Server Contained
[U] Unregistered 0 Yuk Dum Boo Bum
[U] Unregistered 0 Z EQ Test
[U] Unregistered 0 ZZZ A Pokey Corona 2020 Server
[U] [View] Down Forgotten World
[U] [View] Down !The King's Lair (Solo Tuned EQEmu Server)
[U] [View] Down CEQ1_OOW
[U] [View] Down Notso Entertaining
[U] [View] Down Return of The Sleeper (Velious Era)
[U] [View] Down Valgar and Co Childhood Tears Server

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