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Version Server Information Status Legends Servers
[U] [View] 502 Project 1999
[U] [View] 201 EZ Server
[U] [View] 125 PEQ The Grand Creation
[U] [View] 52 The Al'Kabor Project (Mac Intel/PC client)[www.takproject.net]
[U] [View] 39 The Hidden Forest
[U] [View] 34 Project 1999 PvP
[U] [View] 6 Storm Haven
Version Server Information Status Preferred Servers
[U] [View] 122 Raid Addicts (Fully Custom) [Solo/Group/Raid]
[U] [View] 93 Dragon Soul
[U] [View] 28 Shards of Dalaya
[U] [View] 26 Leetsauce Productions
[U] [View] 19 Vegarlson Asylum
[U] [View] 16 Imperium
[U] [View] 5 Gates of Time [Planes of Power]
[U] [View] 1 Scorpious2k: The Next Generation [Custom]
[U] [View] Locked Zek [Classic/Guildwars/Seasons]
[U] [View] 0 Chronicles of Norrath
[U] [View] Locked Rogean Development
Version Server Information Status Standard Servers
[U] [View] 48 EQTitan [Legit PoP/LDoN/GoD]
[U] [View] 44 [VoG] Visions of Grandeur
[U] Unregistered 25 FF Server
[U] [View] 23 Addicted Dads BETA [Progression/2box/PoP]
[U] [View] 15 Agnarr [Luclin-PoP Progression, 3x Exp, Legit]
[U] [View] 8 Casual Dreams: Solo PoP
[U] Unregistered 3 -The Lucid Dream-
[U] [View] 2 Fusion - Fusionserver.org
[U] [View] Locked RebuildEQ.com - To get through locked, check details.
[U] [View] 2 Xzam (TEST SERVER)
[U] Unregistered Locked !EZ Test Server
[U] Unregistered 2 Redemption ~Pre-Alpha~
[U] [View] 1 [PROJECT AXCLASSIC] The Rathe
[U] Unregistered 1 !-! Ihncan's Karana Clone [SSD, Bots,5x XP] !-!
[U] Unregistered 1 Wan Ghoul Knight - HoT Bots
[U] [View] 0 Nagafen's Lair (3box,1-65,Classic-PoP Progression)
[U] [View] Pending ! !~[BP] PLAYBOT EQ ~!
[U] [View] 0 !! Minnesota EQ - Powered by VMware ESXi 6 on SSD !!
[U] [View] 0 Aftermath's Test Server
[U] [View] 0 Awakened Your Dragons
[U] [View] 0 CoD
[U] [View] 0 Pi EQEMU
[U] [View] 0 EQ Zion
[U] [View] 0 Jorna's Playground
[U] [View] 0 Karana (x3 XP, Bots, Speed) Revival
[U] [View] 0 Legacy of FrostStone
[U] [View] Locked Not a Guild EQ
[U] [View] Locked Omni Guild of P99
[U] [View] Locked under construction - testing
[U] [View] 0 Paradigm Shift Test Server
[U] [View] 0 SirensBane
[U] [View] 0 EQMacEmu Dev Server
[U] [View] 0 [Test Server] The Hidden Forest
[U] [View] 0 The Prime Healer (Titanium, Bots, OoW)
[U] [View] Locked Tristaen's World
[U] [View] 0 Wanderlust ( Under Construction)
[U] [View] 0 ZorNet's Adventures
[U] Unregistered Locked AD Test server
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Windows PEQ Installer (iWoVLR)
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Windows PEQ Installer (pQNIuG)
[U] Unregistered 0 Barrel Riders Club World
[U] Unregistered 0 Bg Playground
[U] Unregistered 0 Blood and Rank - (GM Events/Planes of Power)
[U] Unregistered 0 Chosen of Norrath
[U] Unregistered 0 EQLocal
[U] Unregistered 0 Evercrack
[U] Unregistered 0 Everquest2k2
[U] Unregistered 0 Fillory
[U] Unregistered Locked Imperium Test Server
[U] Unregistered 0 J-Rod's
[U] Unregistered 0 Kelvin.Co
[U] Unregistered 0 Khalasar (The Great Grass Sea)
[U] Unregistered 0 Le Double (FR) serveur everquest
[U] Unregistered 0 Legacy of FrostStone [TEST]
[U] Unregistered 0 Manzolab internal server -- private testing
[U] Unregistered 0 Mushies Everquest Emulator
[U] Unregistered 0 OBBESEQ (fIOX41)
[U] Unregistered Locked Overlord [Under Construction]
[U] Unregistered 0 Raniks Realm: ROF2 + BOTs
[U] Unregistered 0 Roy Cohn Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Secrets of Faydwer
[U] Unregistered 0 steffenites server
[U] Unregistered 0 Tdayin's Realm
[U] Unregistered Pending The Dragon's Roost
[U] Unregistered 0 The Inner Circle [TiCRealm]
[U] Unregistered 0 The Last of Us
[U] Unregistered 0 The Stand (Bots,3xXP,Noflags)
[U] Unregistered 0 TheGrandPackard Test Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Thunderbump
[U] Unregistered 0 THX1138 - Developer Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Toony's Dev Box
[U] Unregistered 0 Tstar's Everquest Server (Titanium)
[U] Unregistered 0 Turanger Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Wan Ghoul Knight - Titanium
[U] Unregistered 0 Zero Aphex
[U] [View] Down Nagafen's Lair (Reborn)
[U] [View] Down TheHiveTesting
[U] [View] Down Varlyndria2017
[U] [View] Down Dragon Ball Z
[U] [View] Down Charasis Insurrection (ALPHA - UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
[U] [View] Down Dragons of Mist
[U] [View] Down Draketon
[U] [View] Down Envy of the Irish
[U] [View] Down Love EQ

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