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Version Server Information Status Legends Servers
[U] [View] 395 Project 1999
[U] [View] 108 The Hidden Forest
[U] [View] 92 Project 1999 PvP
[U] [View] 69 PEQ The Grand Creation
[U] [View] 50 EZ Server
Version Server Information Status Preferred Servers
[U] [View] 351 Dragon Soul
[U] [View] 34 Storm Haven
[U] [View] 24 Project 1999 Beta
[U] [View] 23 Return of Zek [Velious/Guildwars]
[U] [View] 8 Loot Fest
Version Server Information Status Standard Servers
[U] [View] 117 EQTitan [Legit PoP/LDoN/GoD]
[U] [View] 34 Roxors Random Loot
[U] [View] 21 Chronicles of Norrath
[U] Unregistered 19 Tkon Empire - "Solo" Server - tkonempire.net - LVL:80. Stat caps raised, new items, NPCS and pets scaled. Revamped second plane of hate available. More coming.
[U] Unregistered 18 Imperium Server - Solo Level/Duo Raid
[U] [View] 8 Leetsauce Productions
[U] [View] 8 Eriviyn
[U] Unregistered 8 CEQ by UniCorn - Test
[U] [View] 2 Maceblade
[U] [View] 2 [PROJECT AXCLASSIC] The Rathe
[U] Unregistered 2 *Sanctuary* Open Beta - Custom Classes, Items, Zones, Spells - Legit - High Difficulty
[U] [View] 1 Raid Addicts (Fully Custom)
[U] [View] 1 Zippzipp's Funland - Beta
[U] [View] 1 [Test Server] The Hidden Forest
[U] Unregistered 1 ! !A Classical Server! Testing, looking for beta players!
[U] Unregistered 1 Danyelle Test Server
[U] Unregistered 1 Dozer's Dungeon
[U] Unregistered 1 EverQuest Origins [Time Locked Classic - POP In DEV]
[U] Unregistered Locked RZ Test Server
[U] Unregistered 1 Skye's EQ Server
[U] Unregistered 1 Wrath of Zek - PvP Server
[U] Unregistered 1 [EU] Puny Earthlings (5x Exp, Progression, Bots, Custom quests and Augments)
[U] [View] 0 Alternate Universe
[U] [View] 0 Darkside of the Moon
[U] [View] 0 Dragons of Mist
[U] [View] 0 EQ Fusion
[U] [View] 0 Ghanjas Testbed
[U] [View] 0 MoD Realm
[U] [View] 0 Morell-Thule: Resurrection
[U] [View] Locked under construction - testing
[U] [View] 0 Pi EQEMU
[U] [View] 0 SirensBane
[U] [View] Locked Sorvani's Test Server
[U] [View] 0 The Prime Healer
[U] [View] 0 The Sandbox
[U] [View] 0 Wanderlust - Construction
[U] [View] 0 Alakamin
[U] Unregistered 0 VZTZ PvP - 2box, Velious - EQBrowser.com
[U] Unregistered 0 !The Mystical Order
[U] Unregistered Locked Akkadius Test
[U] Unregistered Pending Boots Bullets
[U] Unregistered 0 Cazic Thule - Guinevere - Shadow Council
[U] Unregistered 0 Deklin's server
[U] Unregistered Locked Dint's Dump
[U] Unregistered Locked Echelon
[U] Unregistered 0 Envy of the Irish
[U] Unregistered 0 Fluddes Home
[U] Unregistered 0 GUMLAK'S_Revenge
[U] Unregistered 0 J-U-D's EQ Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Jer's Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Jeryd's
[U] Unregistered 0 Kingdom of Tannis
[U] Unregistered 0 LegendaryWizards
[U] Unregistered Locked Lost World Returns
[U] Unregistered 0 MapTest
[U] Unregistered 0 Mortal Destiny EQEmu
[U] Unregistered 0 MyEQsf [(emu-Feb03MercsAndBots:RoF quests-r1634 db-r69 maps-r56) Spells GMcommands Legit]
[U] Unregistered 0 Secrets of Faydwer
[U] Unregistered 0 The Machine: Progression server- Luclin
[U] Unregistered 0 Vengeance
[U] Unregistered 0 Wake the Sleeper
[U] Unregistered 0 weareninjas.org
[U] Unregistered Locked Whoop whoop
[U] Unregistered Locked Zserverz
[U] Unregistered 0 zzzzz Kayen Production
[U] Unregistered 0 zzzzz Kayen Remote Production
[U] [View] Down The Abyss
[U] [View] Down Customization Quest
[U] [View] Down World of WarQuest
[U] [View] Down Jorna's Playground
[U] [View] Down The Grove
[U] [View] Down TheHiveTesting
[U] [View] Down Uthra's Progression Server
[U] [View] Down [Progression]Wrath of Vulak Beta
[U] [View] Down Dragon Ball Z

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