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Version Server Information Status Legends Servers
[U] [View] 367 Project 1999
[U] [View] 140 EZ Server
[U] [View] 103 PEQ The Grand Creation
[U] [View] 60 The Hidden Forest
[U] [View] 57 Project 1999 PvP
[U] [View] 17 Storm Haven
Version Server Information Status Preferred Servers
[U] [View] 84 Dragon Soul
[U] [View] 25 Imperium
[U] [View] 24 Shards of Dalaya
[U] [View] 23 Leetsauce Productions
[U] [View] 17 The Al'Kabor Project (Mac Intel/PC client)[www.takproject.net]
[U] [View] 10 Loot Fest
[U] [View] 9 Sanctuary - Fully Custom High Difficulty
[U] [View] 5 Vegarlson Asylum
[U] [View] 4 Chronicles of Norrath
[U] [View] 4 Return of Zek [Velious/Guildwars]
Version Server Information Status Standard Servers
[U] [View] 73 EQTitan [Legit PoP/LDoN/GoD]
[U] [View] 22 -=The Old Friends Party=-
[U] [View] 15 Raid Addicts (Fully Custom)
[U] [View] 9 Maceblade
[U] Unregistered 7 !Bogard EQ
[U] Unregistered 7 ![Classic-Quest] [PoP-Legit]!
[U] [View] 3 Legacy of FrostStone
[U] [View] 2 Blood and Rank
[U] [View] 2 Envy of the Irish
[U] Unregistered 2 EQMultiverse_(Test)
[U] Unregistered 2 Halls Havoc Legit with Mercs
[U] [View] 1 Scorpious2k: The Next Generation [Custom, Beta]
[U] [View] 1 Celestial Mansion v.1
[U] [View] 1 [PROJECT AXCLASSIC] The Rathe
[U] Unregistered 1 ! Project Gnosis ! Bots/vendor gear
[U] Unregistered 1 - RoF2 - [Live-Like ~ Custom-Legit] |Brap N` Scrub|
[U] Unregistered Locked Anaprox sandbox 2
[U] Unregistered 1 Aurora's Nightmare
[U] Unregistered 1 [EU] Puny Earthlings (5x Exp, Progression, Bots, Custom quests and Augments)
[U] [View] 0 Nothing2 Seehere
[U] [View] 0 Alternate Universe
[U] [View] Pending New server in the making!
[U] [View] 0 Dragons of Mist
[U] [View] Locked Forsaken Order
[U] [View] 0 KenZ World Testing
[U] [View] 0 MoD Realm
[U] [View] 0 Morell-Thule: Resurrection
[U] [View] 0 EQ Launchpad Dev
[U] [View] Locked under construction - testing
[U] [View] Locked RebuildEQ.com - Build Driven, Custom Storyline
[U] [View] 0 Reign of Chaos
[U] [View] 0 Return to Norrath - [Expansion: Vanilla - Titanium Only]
[U] [View] 0 semper
[U] [View] 0 SirensBane
[U] [View] 0 Sword of Hawks
[U] [View] 0 Taken Your Dragons
[U] [View] Locked The Four Headed Dragon
[U] [View] 0 EQMacEmu Dev Server
[U] [View] 0 [Test Server] The Hidden Forest
[U] [View] Locked The Prime Healer
[U] [View] Locked Vacare Realms
[U] [View] 0 [Progression]Wrath of Vulak Beta
[U] Unregistered 0 -=Test CEQ Server=-
[U] Unregistered Locked A Slight Alternative EQ 2015
[U] Unregistered Locked Adol's Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Aendar PEQ
[U] Unregistered 0 Bifar and the Biffbots
[U] Unregistered Locked Classic EverQuest with a Twist [Beta - Under Construction]
[U] Unregistered 0 Dead Hand
[U] Unregistered Locked Death Alley, Mercs, Random Loot!
[U] Unregistered Locked Die in a Fire
[U] Unregistered 0 EternalNight
[U] Unregistered Locked Firiona's Wonder
[U] Unregistered 0 Forsaken Fury
[U] Unregistered 0 Freyas Ascent
[U] Unregistered 0 Geidi Prime
[U] Unregistered 0 GnomeDepot running on a Surface
[U] Unregistered 0 J-Rod's
[U] Unregistered 0 Lamron Testing
[U] Unregistered 0 Legacy of FrostStone [TEST]
[U] Unregistered 0 MapTest
[U] Unregistered 0 MyEQsf [(emu-Feb03MercsAndBots:RoF quests-r1634 db-r69 maps-r56) Spells GMcommands Legit]
[U] Unregistered Locked niflheim
[U] Unregistered Locked Overlord [Under Construction]
[U] Unregistered 0 Pie Masters
[U] Unregistered Locked Qeynosia
[U] Unregistered 0 RebuildEQ.com Test Server
[U] Unregistered Locked Scruffy Nerf Herders Test
[U] Unregistered 0 Secrets of Faydwer
[U] Unregistered 0 sudoepoch - testing in progress
[U] Unregistered 0 Talthalra D'Bel'la
[U] Unregistered 0 Tdayin's Realm
[U] Unregistered 0 Test Server for Trilibi
[U] Unregistered Locked The Long Paw of Spankenstein
[U] Unregistered 0 TSKA_Test
[U] Unregistered Locked Tyrnea Mitore's EQ Project DEV
[U] Unregistered 0 VZTZ
[U] Unregistered 0 Zero Aphex
[U] Unregistered Locked zz - Area51
[U] Unregistered 0 zzzzz Kayen Production
[U] Unregistered 0 zzzzz Kayen Remote Production
[U] [View] Down Eriviyn 2.0
[U] [View] Down Bad Captain Test
[U] [View] Down The Gathering
[U] [View] Down Dragon Ball Z
[U] [View] Down Akka's Test Bed
[U] [View] Down Classic Raiding Beta
[U] [View] Down Customization Quest
[U] [View] Down TestTestTest
[U] [View] Down some kind of test server
[U] [View] Down The LifeGuide
[U] [View] Down Raisk's Realm
[U] [View] Down Wanderlust

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