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To find out more information about a server, including description and website, click on the View link.
Version Server Information Status Legends Servers
[U] [View] 615 Project 1999
[U] [View] 207 PEQ The Grand Creation
[U] [View] 97 The Al'Kabor Project (Mac Intel/PC client)[www.takproject.net]
[U] [View] 36 EZ Server
[U] [View] 29 Project 1999 PvP
[U] [View] 18 The Hidden Forest
Version Server Information Status Preferred Servers
[U] [View] 131 Dragon Soul
[U] [View] 32 Imperium_EQ
[U] [View] 27 Shards of Dalaya
[U] [View] 17 Rise of Zek [Velious+/PVP/Progression](riseofzek.com)
[U] [View] 11 Leetsauce Productions
[U] [View] 11 Sanctuary - Fully Custom High Difficulty
[U] [View] 7 UltimateEQ
[U] [View] 3 Raid Addicts (Fully Custom) [Solo/Group/Raid]
[U] [View] 3 Scorpious2k: The Next Generation [Custom]
[U] [View] 3 Vegarlson Asylum
[U] [View] Locked Rogean Development
[U] [View] 0 Storm Haven
[U] [View] 0 Zek [Classic/Guildwars/Seasons]
[U] [View] Down KLS Test
Version Server Information Status Standard Servers
[U] [View] 65 Varlyndria
[U] [View] 45 EQ-Reborn
[U] [View] 37 Dragon's Rest (DragonsRest.org) [RoF2/DoN/4Box/EXP+]
[U] Unregistered 33 {Loot Hunters! -Beta V5- Custom-Unique};
[U] Unregistered 18 CEQ1_Haide
[U] [View] 17 [Hall of Heroes][ceq/Hero]
[U] [View] 15 [Return of Norrath] TAIWAN-EverQuest
[U] [View] 12 ProFusion (Custom Progression / Items / Vendors / etc.)
[U] [View] 12 Project Lazarus [BETA]Classic thru LDON|3box|FV Loot|2 Group Raids|
[U] [View] 9 Casual Dreams: Solo PoP
[U] [View] 7 Alternate Everquest (AEQ)
[U] Unregistered 7 BristleBane Reborn
[U] [View] 6 New Freeport [Fully Custom]
[U] [View] 5 Envy of the Irish
[U] Unregistered 5 ! !~[BP] PLAYBOT EQ ~! [lootreward,drugs,aug,solo,grp]
[U] [View] 4 Ashen Vendetta Server - Casual, Bots, Level 60
[U] Unregistered 4 Flavortown (LIVE, Char Xfer/Clone, www.flavortown.rocks, Classic to POP, 3box, Chars from LoN)
[U] Unregistered 4 Almightie's World
[U] Unregistered 4 Dawn of Time - NO Defiant, Max 71 bots [Heavily Under Construction]
[U] [View] 3 !The King's Lair (Solo Tuned EQEmu Server)
[U] [View] 3 Descent of Darkness: Solo, Bots, Random Loot
[U] [View] 3 Rise of Zek - Kunark [Classic/PVP/Progression](riseofzek.com)
[U] Unregistered 2 Realm of GodRage's Nostalgia
[U] Unregistered 2 t0neg0d PEQ [Test Server]
[U] [View] 1 [VoG] Visions of Grandeur
[U] [View] 1 !!Cannon's Fury|Bots|Custom NPCs|Guides!!
[U] [View] 1 [PROJECT AXCLASSIC] The Rathe
[U] Unregistered 1 (EQT) EQTitan [Legit PoP/LDoN/GoD]
[U] Unregistered 1 Gothmog EQ Test Server
[U] Unregistered 1 Hyperion's Test Server ROF2 Only
[U] Unregistered 1 Pavins Pride
[U] Unregistered Locked Reign of Marr
[U] [View] 0 Nagafen's Lair (3box,1-65,Classic-PoP Progression)
[U] [View] 0 A New Hope
[U] [View] Locked Aegis Test Server
[U] [View] Locked Clumsy's World: Resurgence
[U] [View] Locked Darkonites
[U] [View] 0 Halls Havoc - Buff Bots in Guild Lobby - Boxing Welcomed!
[U] [View] Pending Bif and the Bifbots
[U] [View] 0 Judge's World
[U] [View] 0 Just Another EQ Server
[U] [View] 0 Lord of Flames
[U] [View] 0 Nivek PEQ Multi-Boxing Server
[U] [View] 0 Omni Guild of P99
[U] [View] Locked under construction - testing
[U] [View] 0 Red Dawn
[U] [View] 0 SirensBane
[U] [View] 0 Solo+ hybrid friendly experiment
[U] [View] 0 Talrin
[U] [View] 0 Tempest Your Dragons
[U] [View] Locked Broken Cog
[U] [View] Locked The Firiona Vie Project
[U] [View] 0 The Land Of Kush
[U] [View] 0 The Prime Healer (Titanium, Bots, OoW)
[U] [View] 0 The Void
[U] [View] 0 Secrets Development
[U] Unregistered 0 K.O.Quest<5bot,solo,drugs,augs,custom>
[U] Unregistered 0 EQ Reborn - Test Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Access Denied (bots)
[U] Unregistered 0 Addicted Dads BETA [Progression/2box/PoP]
[U] Unregistered 0 AEQ DEV
[U] Unregistered 0 Aftermath Test Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Linux PEQ Installer (8UvVYt)
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Linux PEQ Installer (sAXQFC)
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Windows PEQ Installer (AAT4HC)
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Windows PEQ Installer (JiH9nA)
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Windows PEQ Installer (mY1DM0)
[U] Unregistered Locked Akkas Windows PEQ Installer (mY1DM0)
[U] Unregistered 0 Akkas Windows PEQ Installer (qeNgvQ)
[U] Unregistered 0 Avant Garde
[U] Unregistered 0 Bill's EQ Server(2018-5-02)
[U] Unregistered Locked Blackburrow
[U] Unregistered Locked Brocraft
[U] Unregistered Locked Cascadia
[U] Unregistered 0 ClydeQuest Quests
[U] Unregistered 0 Coolest Kids
[U] Unregistered 0 DAF TESTING DAF
[U] Unregistered 0 Den of Dornie
[U] Unregistered 0 Dreams of a Lost Empire
[U] Unregistered 0 Empyrean Aftermath
[U] Unregistered 0 Enine Solo Server (Construction)
[U] Unregistered 0 EQReloaded Test Server
[U] Unregistered 0 EternalNight [Mercs] +Blightfire +Arcstone +Devastation
[U] Unregistered 0 Evercrack
[U] Unregistered 0 FredTest
[U] Unregistered 0 Highpoint Station PEQ (Thoof)
[U] Unregistered 0 JPN Test Server
[U] Unregistered 0 KenZ Testing Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Legends of Farrok
[U] Unregistered 0 Lord BetaWolf's Server (PEQ/Boxing/Bots)
[U] Unregistered 0 Maerou's EQ Titanium Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Magul
[U] Unregistered 0 Manzohome Internal server (Windows)
[U] Unregistered 0 Maynard's Realm
[U] Unregistered 0 Miskatonic EverQuest
[U] Unregistered 0 MyEQsf(2019Test)
[U] Unregistered 0 Norrath
[U] Unregistered 0 Omen I
[U] Unregistered 0 Paradise3
[U] Unregistered 0 Paradise4
[U] Unregistered 0 Party Like It's 1999
[U] Unregistered 0 PEQ Expansions Test
[U] Unregistered 0 Raspberry Pi 3 Test Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Sajine (yuVaEL)
[U] Unregistered 0 Secrets of Faydwer
[U] Unregistered 0 Selo's Revenge PEQ: Transport, Buff & Spell Scribe
[U] Unregistered 0 Sonvens' Realm
[U] Unregistered 0 Stare Quia Unum
[U] Unregistered 0 Strole
[U] Unregistered 0 Taipo Test
[U] Unregistered 0 The Gang Tries EQ
[U] Unregistered 0 The Inner Circle [TiCRealm]
[U] Unregistered 0 The Realm of AuxxZillary
[U] Unregistered 0 THX1138 - Developer Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Turanger Server
[U] Unregistered 0 Yates Server
[U] Unregistered Locked [PEQ] (Test) The Grand Creation - Omens of War
[U] Unregistered 0 [PEQ] (Test) The Grand Creation - Omens of War
[U] [View] Down EQAwakened
[U] [View] Down `Xn Velious [5x EXP][Box][Bots] (WIP)
[U] [View] Down ANCIENT TOMB OF KERAFYRM RoF2 [EXP+/loot+] [Solo/group/raid]
[U] [View] Down Dragon Ball Z
[U] [View] Down Legacy of Norrath (Classic Progression) www.legacyofnorrath.com
[U] [View] Down Realm of Draconis [Alpha]
[U] [View] Down Asahi EverQuest
[U] [View] Down Conquest
[U] [View] Down EQMacEmu Dev Server
[U] [View] Down [Test Server] The Hidden Forest

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