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  1. Here ya are
  2. A "twist" to tutorialb
  3. A more versatile exp multiplier system
  4. Change for serverrules2read from players instead of accounts
  5. change for merchant heading..
  6. Quest::Summon();
  7. Multiple accounts from one ip.
  8. Pet control unseen casters
  9. custom NPC melee
  10. [wip] detailed exp gain
  11. [wip] NPC spellcasting
  12. Removing NPCS from game
  13. RotCorpse Command
  14. Changing Race/Flymode on a per zone basis
  15. old everquest client versions?
  16. EQEmu-0.7.0-1110b - Unofficial Release
  17. Removing Non-Titanium Version Checks
  18. A simple batch-menu for choosing what to play
  19. AX_CLASSIC Bot Database, Source and Executables
  20. Increase Spell Damage based on INT
  21. Giving Clerics dual wield
  22. Merchant Inventory Quest Commands
  23. world connecting to two loginservers at once
  24. pet dies when caster becomes invisible
  25. utils/ppconvert
  26. pvp server code
  27. Faction PvP Source Edits
  28. The VZTZ Public Release Manastone Issue
  29. EQEmuLoginServer - Creates account upon login
  30. Tradeskill Experience
  31. Disable PVP for same group/same guild
  32. PVP Permadeath Concept (W/ Support for Guild-Owned Doors & Guild-Owned NPCs in perl)
  33. UF Client not displaying buffs correctly in Character Info window
  34. Bazaar bots
  35. entity list in commands.pl?
  36. Altering max health/mana formula for players: possible?
  37. Donating for stat alterations
  38. NPCs speaking in their racial language
  39. A question about customizing things server side.
  40. Idea for character models
  41. Spell Haste and Client cap?
  42. Kings and Bandits Source / Windows Compiles
  43. Manual Debugging Cues
  44. Potime quest Check please?
  45. Original Trilogy Race/Class Modifiers
  46. AoE Resurrection
  47. Max_procs
  48. Group Based Rune
  49. Rune that converts to heal at the end of the duration
  50. how do I make paladins dual wield?
  51. custom class changes
  52. Alternate TakeMoneyFromPP()
  53. passing vector to perl event
  54. Command: #setspawngroup
  55. SQL to convert one item, to another item
  56. GetCarriedPlatinum (perl_client)
  57. Disabling MoTD.
  58. #Lastname Change.
  59. Illusion spells & Worn Race Masks
  60. 2Hand weapon conversions to 1Hand Weapons
  61. Custom Zone_Points insert/replace grids.
  62. Armor - Breastplate/Bag
  63. Editing Class Abilities Without Using AAs
  64. Increasing Effects based on Stats
  65. Changing the level-based class prefixes in /who
  66. EQEmu::Any question
  67. changing the recast on Harm Touch / Lay on Hands
  68. Force Mounts for Classic Models?
  69. Couple things im trying to implement
  70. 2Handed Backstab
  71. Altering the effects of hunger and thirst
  72. Pickpocketing weapons
  73. Disable Exp Gains
  74. Custom Stat effects
  75. Show gained/lost experience amounts
  76. Growing spells
  77. Small code change help
  78. Decoupling Gate from respawn, Lootable Corpses, prohibit teleportation
  79. Switching code over to new Combat system.
  80. Focusable Spells
  81. lua door:IsDoorOpen()
  82. Fix for leveling past level 86
  83. Modifying the Steadfast servant
  84. Quickly add missing spawns.
  85. Bypassing / alterring Is Equippable checks?