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Vegarlson Asylum
 Worldserver Name: Vegarlson Asylum
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: Down (Last Seen: 11/22/20 05:52 PM EST)
 Average Players: 16
 Max Players: 112
 Registered Name: Vegarlson Asylum
 Server Type: Legit, PvE
 Class: Preferred
 Server Owner: N0ctrnl
 Website: http://www.vegarlson-server.org/

General Information
Vegarlson Asylum is a "custom classic" server - It is an effort to be a classic-like experience but without tedium for the sake of tedium.
Currently expansions are open up til Planes of Power T3.

Our Forums

- The RoF2 client is required. No other client is officially supported.
- 6-box limit
- Auto-scribe spells and learn new skills up to level 46
- Items stack to 100
- Original zone versions of some old zones (Arena, Bazaar)
- New versions of select zones (Commonlands, Highpass Hold, Lavastorm, Nektulos, Toxxulia Forest)
- Luclin era mobs in since-changed zones. (Cazic Thule, Droga, Nurga, Paw, Plane of Hate, Skyshrine, Sirens, Sleeper's Tomb, Veeshan's Peak).
- Legacy items still drop rarely.
- Very low food/drink consumption rate.
- Rain of Fear 2 client and all the goodies that come along with it.
- Server patcher to streamline updates.
- Working Bazaar trader mode. Account exemptions are given to allow a trader to be online all the time. (See here)

We use the RoF2 client for a variety of reasons. Mostly because of the number of new systems and zones it supports, but also because of the long term outlook of the client and the flexibility gained by using it. It is, however, not without some quirks. Here's what you need to be aware of.

- Disciplines Window - Use /disc to get reuse timers and /disc (example: /disc resistant) to use a discipline.
- Experiment on Tradeskill Window - The Experiment button should not be used. All recipes should be searchable, so there is no need to use it anyway.
- Leadership Window - While it may look like you can bank and spend leadership AAs, this is NOT the case. The cost of all abilities is 9 (even though they display as less), and you can currently only bank 8 leadership points. Leadership only exists to enable Health of Target's Target. No refunds will be given on experience wasted on leadership points. (Note: To be clear, leadership points were introduced with the Gates of Discord expansion, so they are out of era anyway).

Vegarlson Updater
We have created a patcher for our server. You can get it here.

Some things to know:

- This will update any RoF2 client to be compatible with the Vegarlson Asylum Server!
- Always run this as Administrator
- Always run from your EverQuest directory - wherever that might be.
- Keeps your client up to date with the latest zone/spell/other changes that occur as a result of ongoing updates and development.

The server Changlog
We keep a running changelog for modifications on our server. You can find it in here

Original spawn versions
Many zones have been "rolled back" to their original versions. The list:

- Grieg's End
- Lair of the Splitpaw
- Lost Temple of Cazic Thule
- Mines of Nurga
- Plane of Mischief (Completed 1/27/2016)
- Siren's Grotto
- Skyshrine
- Sleeper's Tomb
- Temple of Droga
- The Hole
- Veeshan's Peak
- Western Wastes

Original zone versions
These zones were changed in later expansions, but we use the 'classic' version of these zones. (Note: The patcher will download the correct version)

- East Freeport
- North Freeport
- Northern Desert of Ro
- Oasis of Marr
- Southern Desert of Ro
- The Arena
- The Bazaar
- The Plane of Hate
- West Freeport

New Zone Versions
Some zones use the newer zone files due to client and other limitations.

- Commonlands
- Lavastorm Mountains
- Toxxulia Forest
- Nektulos Forest

Reporting Issues (Bugs)
We have bug tracking built right into these forums. You can get to the bug reporting system to create new reports or search old ones from the link at the top of the page.

- ALL issues need to have a bug report entered for them.
- Issues raised in /tell to a GM without a bug post will not be looked at.
- This tool is checked regularly by multiple GMs, so your odds of resolution are highest using this system anyway.

Allakhazam Clone (AllaClone)
Like the bugs system, the AllaClone can be reached by clicking the link at the top of the page. This tool will make all of our lives much easier. USE IT!

- This tool pulls from a current copy of the database. This has up-to-date information for our server.
- PLEASE check this tool before asking for assistance on drops/mobs/etc. This is probably the best resource we have.
- Did I mention you should USE THIS? :)

The use of MQ2 is allowed on the VA server with the following restrictions.

- No AFK macros - This includes bot macros that play your characters for you. (These are easier to detect than you think)
- Absolutely no active hacks - These include but are not limited to: warping, ghosting, zoning.
- If you have any questions about a particular command, plugin or macro, don't hesitate to ask.
- While there hasn't been a need for it much thus far, we WILL suspend players for breaking these rules.
- A complete plugin list is forthcoming.

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