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Blood and Rank (GM Events/3box/PoP/XP&Loot+)
 Worldserver Name: Blood and Rank: Beyond
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: Down (Last Seen: 02/09/20 06:06 PM EST)
 Average Players: 12
 Max Players: 50
 Registered Name: Blood and Rank (GM Events/3box/PoP/XP&Loot+)
 Server Type: PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Veltira
 Website: http://https://discord.gg/rSEyJdN
 Description: Blood and Rank returns with a brand new team behind it! BNR:Legends is an Everquest server set in the OOW/GoD era with a custom system based on the EQ Legends Ruleset. We have a tight-knit community of seasoned EQ veterans heading up our staff, and we are striving to make this a premier place to play. Come and see what B&R has to offer!

Our simple Rules:
1.) No MQ2 use.
2.) Boxing is allowed up to three clients and a fourth if left in the Bazaar.
3.) Respect the staff. These guys are volunteers after all.


We run an EQ Emulator system utilizing a heavily modified database and an updated Legends ruleset. This ruleset is based on the old LEGENDS server from live in 2002-2003 (Stormhammer) wherein a player could transfer there and pay a high monthly subscription to experience daily GM content such as GM Events, quality of life improvements, and features; and creating a custom environment tailored to its players. We wanted to recreate this environment without the high cost so that everyone may enjoy a different EQ experience! This means that exp is a little higher, damage is a little better, and above all else you will have the opportunity to participate in daily/weekly GM events to further your character. For the most part playing on this server will feel like a GoD/OOW-era EQ experience made easier for a smaller playerbase and with heavy GM community involvement. We also provide live-like services to our players thanks to our large support staff. Race changes, Gender changes, and the like are all available at NO cost to our players; and we have a petition system in place to always help our members with daily troubles.

We offer a nice exp boost for both Solo and Group play that feels appropriate for the situation without allowing players to zip through content. We also have included many "Quality of Life" enhancements as you may have seen on live servers We have worked for months to bring our old server up to the modern standards of EQEMU players.

GM Events

Our dedicated staff of Gamemasters enjoy hosting "GM Events" which range from simple quest-style contests to PVE and PVP custom events! We offer several major GM events per week(one per day is the average) that allow players to receive titles, items, and boosts for contributing to the lore of their community. We also have recently added a design team which works in creating custom models, zones, etc to enhance our GM event experience. Come show us the LEGEND you were meant to be!
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