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Dragon's Rest (DragonsRest.org) [RoF2/DoN/4Box/EXP+]
 Worldserver Name: ! Dragon's Rest (DragonsRest.org) [RoF2/DoN/4Box/EXP+]
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: Down (Last Seen: 07/09/19 06:10 PM EST)
 Average Players: 23
 Max Players: 79
 Registered Name: Dragon's Rest (DragonsRest.org) [RoF2/DoN/4Box/EXP+]
 Server Type: PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: type_null
 Website: http://www.Dragonsrest.org
 Description: Welcome to Dragon's Rest, an EQemu server! We have recently finished the [BETA] testing phase of our servers planning, our team of over 20 developers and beta testers worked daily to not only improve the overall experience of the server but to also restore functionality to things broken or missing from the base DB such as missions, tasks, and raids. A special thank you to everyone who pitched in on this community project, we are forever in your debt!

About our server: We run the most recent build of EQemu combined with a modified database originally based on TGC PEQ and BNR. You can expect to have an improved EverQuest experience set in the DoN era with era correct enhancements and quality of life tweaks. Our server is secure, fast, and reliable with 100% uptime for players. We use the 'RoF2' client available through our custom downloader, and our server files available through our custom patcher; we also offer technical and in-game petition support through a dedicated team of GM's and Developers. We use updated rule system to enhance the quality of life of our players, things such as increased exp, the reworked pet aggro system, and naked corpses all server our players by keeping the spirit of EQ alive while tempering the time investment necessary. Many of our features are based on those like can be found on servers such as 'Agnarr' from live. Our hope is to create a stable, long-term environment where players feel cared for while still maintaining a daily challenge. We built this server with ease of use and connectivity in mind so we offer out of game features such as a Magelo for retrieving character information, a bidirectional OOC <==> DISCORD app so you can get the latest update son raids and groups forming by just glancing at your phone. We really want you to come play EQ with us and jsut have fun, not have to worry about the downtime or bad parts of living in Norrath; we will see you on the battlefield!

Currently we do not accept donations, thank you so much to those who have reached out in support of our server. We maintain Dragon's Rest for the players, we just ask that they bring enthusiasm and a good attitude! Together we can create something truly special for the world of EverQuest, we'll see you there!

For more information on our server please see our Server F.A.Q. found HERE.

If you would like to join our Discord server please click HERE.

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