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Project Lazarus
 Worldserver Name: Project Lazarus
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 263
 Average Players: 54
 Max Players: 334
 Registered Name: Project Lazarus
 Server Type: Legit, Custom, PvE
 Class: Preferred
 Server Owner: Dhaymion
 Website: http://discord.gg/qmSGhJq

Project Lazarus is currently in the LDON era, with plans to progress up to the Omens of War. The server is utilizing the FV ruleset (no-trade items are tradeable). We are still in beta as we continue to tune raid content for 2 groups, with Elemental POP+ tuned for 3 groups . Server feature highlights can be found below:

  • ROF2 Client which comes with all the QoL features it allows.
  • All loot is tradeable with the exception of Epics.
  • Epic Weapons are buffed from their classic state.
  • No level or race restrictions on equipment (there are still restrictions on procs and click effects)
  • Boxing is allowed but capped at 6.
  • Raids tuned for 12 main (2 groups).
  • Vendors are setup that sell raid gear for each expansion. They use an alt currency that drops globally off any mob, but can also be purchased with plat. This allows non raid people the chance to obtain gear that would otherwise only be available through raiding.
  • Many custom tweaks and spell revamps to in attempt to better balance class power.
  • Custom Race/Class Combo's are available (including custom beastlord pets for non classic BST classes)
  • Custom quest lines for gear progression to soften then journey up to max level.
  • Other custom quest content is being added and worked on indefinitely.
  • Plans for additions to end game content, that will allow players to continue to make their character's more powerful. With the intention of never running out of goals to achieve.

    Project Lazarus is ideal for the laid back casual gamer who enjoys the journey to end game content, and not just the raid scene. We highly encourage grouping and socializing within the community. The intent of our server is not to mirror the expansion era exactly, as we enjoy the quality of life improvements offered by later expansions. We do not have heavy handed custom content, but we do have tweaks to existing items, spells, drops, and class balancing. An example being epic 1.0 stat buffs to make the epics worth doing and having past Luclin content. Especially for classes that epics just aren't worth the hassle (looking at you Shadowknight Epic). Druid & Shaman healing is also improved with the intention of making them more viable as group/raid healers. Existing items that you know and love may also drop in zones they did not before. Classic items such as Manastone & Guise of the Deceiver are in game, and will continue to drop (they are still rare though).

    Raid content is and will be tuned to allow most raids to be completed by 2 groups. We encourage our community to work together to complete content, and aim to offer a drama free experience. Our goal is to make Project Lazarus a fun server for all different play styles. In addition to the tuned raid content, we also have vendors setup to make raid gear available for purchase. If you are a lone wolf who doesn't enjoy raiding, you can still obtain some of the most powerful items. Vendor's aren't giving this away though. You'll have to commit the time to grinding the platinum and/or diamond coins (alternate currency), much like raiders have to commit the time to raiding in order to obtain these items. Our server offers an environment that will compliment most play styles.

    As previously mentioned, we are still in beta, and your suggestions will be heard and could help shape the future of the server! Come join us, and bring your friends while making new ones! Everyone is welcome, except for Trolls, and we aren't talking about the Trolls from Grobb!
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