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Dragonspear PvP
 Worldserver Name: Dragonspear PvP
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: Down (Last Seen: 12/15/20 05:14 PM EST)
 Average Players: 25
 Max Players: 109
 Registered Name: Dragonspear PvP
 Server Type: Custom, PvP
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Lane
 Website: http://dragonspearpvp.com/
 Description: Dragonspear PvP is a semi custom/classic PvP server. PvP is FFA with a +/- 4 level range.

The World: our world is set in the classic EverQuest world. We won't have custom or out of era zones, with the exception of the Nexus and the Bazaar. The Nexus will serve as the central PvP hub for transportation. Here you will find fast travel to other Nexus spires around the world: Greater Faydark, Toxxulia Forest, North Karana, and South Ro.

Though our world mainly uses classic zones, we will be adding in custom "classic-like" loot that is obtainable via PVE or PVP. These stats will not be overpowered, and will always be in line with similar items from the era we are currently in.

Anti Grief by Design: Corpse camping and bind rushing is a major problem of EQ PvP. Thankfully, we have a way to overcome both of these obstacles.

On PvP death, you will spawn in the Nexus with your gear. Though you spawn with your gear, you will not be able to bind rush due to zone lockout timers. Zone lockouts are 10 minutes in most zones. We will adjust this according to feedback from the community.

Though PvP death doesn't "corpse" you, PvE death will.

PvP Kills and PvP Points: PvP kills will net you PvP points and also a ticket that is redeemable in the Bazaar for PvP points. if you die in PvP, you will also be awarded one PvP ticket. This is to encourage you to PvP in every situation imaginable. Once you have acquired enough PvP points, you can find PvP merchants in the Bazaar, and also various locations around the world (TBD.)

Very limited GM Interaction: There is no Play Nice Policy. We will not police training or griefing of any kind. The exception to this is IRL threats. Check out the rules section for more information

Other Custom Content: We will have guild encampments (item is purchasable in the Bazaar with an item level requirement of 30 to use,) and city take overs. City take overs may result in certain raid bosses spawning at the conclusion of the take over (will follow close feedback on this one.) City take overs will be a large part of the "raid/pvp scene."

Join our Discord at: http://discord.gg/WGN3fwc or visit our website: dragonspearpvp.com for more information.

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