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Rise of Norrath: Reborn
 Worldserver Name: !! Rise of Norrath (Custom/Solo)
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: Down (Last Seen: 02/12/21 05:14 AM EST)
 Average Players: 42
 Max Players: 114
 Registered Name: Rise of Norrath: Reborn
 Server Type: Legit, Custom, PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Splose
 Website: http://discord.gg/UvC88vK
 Description: Rise of Norrath (http://riseofnorrath.com) is the first server released under the EQEmpires brand (https://eqempires.com) and is designed to provide players with a long-lasting and enjoyable Solo experience. The server is tuned so that, while some classes may be harder than others, all of them will be able to reliably solo 99% of the game.

All EQEmpires servers live on enterprise-level hosting and are managed by veteran EQEmu developers who each have 10+ years being involved with many different projects. We are extremely open and transparent with our development processes and allow players to have a say in what direction the server goes, as long as that direction is in-line with the vision of the development team. All code and systems on this server are written, managed, and updated by us and us only.

Our highly customized source code is kept up-to-date with the Master EQEmu branch and solutions we have found that will affect other servers are contributed whenever possible/applicable. We feature a highly complex scaling system that keeps the player feeling like each piece of gear Is a substantial upgrade to their character. Group content is kept separate from solo content so if you don’t wish to engage in it you are never forced to. We feel the bar has been set very low for the previous couple of years, especially for custom servers, and we want to issue a friendly challenge to any other new custom servers to step up and compete with us. Let’s raise the average quality of custom servers together!

Here is a short list of items that may appeal to players:

  • • Enterprise-level Server & Website hosting
  • • Professionally managed with an extremely active development team (Constant Updates!)
  • • RoF2 Client Supported + Item/NPC Models from later expansions
  • • Designed from the ground up as a Solo server – However you may still box if you wish
  • • Custom Race/Class Combinations
  • • Buffed Epic 1.0s at level 1
  • • Custom Instancing System
  • • Many later expansion AA’s available at level cap
  • • Zone Pull / Zone Repop tools available
  • • Fair Donation & Loyalty system

Register on our website (http://riseofnorrath.com) for more information and our setup guide. We look forward to seeing you in-game!
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