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 Worldserver Name: DreadBox
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 62
 Average Players: 20
 Max Players: 81
 Registered Name: DreadBox
 Server Type: Legit, Custom, PvE
 Class: Preferred
 Server Owner: dreadlordnoobcakes
 Website: http://discord.gg/9tWrgdfG5q

Dreadbox is a server I've built using the tools and information provided to me by the EQEMU community. If it wasn't for the amazing community of developers from Project EQ, EoC, and all the people who donate their time and frustration to making tools for people like me, Dread Box would NOT exist. So from the bottom of my heart, to all those who contribute to the EqEmu project in some fashion, Thank You!

  • NEW! 11-19-21 New T3 Content! Aeirth in the hub needs your help! She sells "flowers" in the slums to make ends meet, and her shipment is late!
  • NEW! 11-23-21 I turned on Double Xp, the Halloween event, and Easter Event since I didn't do a Thanksgiving Event. Live till Dec 1st!

  • 95% of content can be done Solo
  • RoF2 client only.
  • Custom Mercs That actually work.
  • Working Hero Forge Augments.
  • 3box limit
  • Max level 75 with no progression flags hindering leveling.
  • All race class combos with agnostic as only deity.
  • auto skill/spell/disc on level.
  • Race requirements removed from items. Along with no drop, rec/req level, deity, and attunable.
  • Global augment drops with 3200+ augs. All items can hold all augment types.
  • All 75+ AA's and RK.III spells available at level 75.
  • Added spells/skills to most classes to make them more solo friendly
  • Origin, pet affinity, Endless Quiver, and many other AA's free at level 1
  • Hub zone with skill trainers, buff bot, translocator, and custom quest npcs
  • 27 customized zones with 70+ custom quests.
  • Customized Zones:
     Kurns, Unrest, Lguk, SolB, Veksar, Wall of Slaughter, PoNightmare, Vex Thal, PoAir, Fungal Forest, Shadow Spine, Temple of Bertox, Plane of Time B
     Oceangreen Village, Barren Coast, Red Feather Isle, Black Sail's Folly, UnderShore, Living Larder, Chamber of Xill, Suncrest Isle, Devastation, Rage,
     Windsong Sanctuary, Plane Of Fire, Arelis, Dread Spire
  • 8 World bosses ranging in difficulty from easy to hard!
  • Three tiers of AA instances with tradeable aa Tokens, Daily Quests that reward AA, and quests for zone pull and zone repop items.
  • Treasure Goblin Temple with Dreaded versions of the world bosses for a challenge!
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