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IxiQuest - (ixiquest.com) Classic to Velious +
 Worldserver Name: IxiQuest - (ixiquest.com) Classic to Velious +
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: Down (Last Seen: 12/05/22 08:11 PM EST)
 Average Players: 36
 Max Players: 136
 Registered Name: IxiQuest - (ixiquest.com) Classic to Velious +
 Server Type: Legit
 Class: Preferred
 Server Owner: eggstoast
 Website: http://ixiquest.com

IxiQuest Logo

In the present day, the Gnomes of Ak’anon have revealed an ocean vessel with the capability of navigating the roughest seas and breaking through ice flows. Upon it’s maiden voyage, the Gnomish Icebreaker successfully penetrated the Frigid Barrier and discovered the islands known as the Icy Fingers. Upon the largest of the islands, the crew discovered an ancient and massive bridge, which arced away into the mists and revealed the tip of a massive glacial continent – Velious! For a price, these Gnomes and their allies will offer the brave adventurers of Norrath passage to these frozen, uncharted lands.

Join us as we explore the chemistry behind invisibility potions, cast spells, make exp bars move, connect together into groups and raids, witness wizards create explosions, make a picture with our corpses, learn about the biodiversity of local ecosystems, beg for buffs and so much more! We will also have dark arts demonstrations, purple health bar screenings, and a face first tour of the worlds organic gardens.

  • Twisted Classic to Velious + (The classic you love with a twist.)
  • 2Box limit
  • MQ2 or SEQ is NOT allowed in any form
  • Above average size population
  • Helpful community
  • Custom auction house
  • Custom quests
  • Custom spells
  • Custom items
  • Special currency (earned just by killing monsters in your level range)
  • Special currency items like gear and EXP potions
  • Alternate Advancement
  • Class balance
  • 99.999999% Uptime Azure Cloud Hosting
  • Gentle Casual Friendly EXP Curve
  • Origin, Pet Discipline and Pet Affinity at Lvl 1
  • Most items droppable
  • All gear can be equipt by any race
  • Race change available (try an Ogre Monk)
  • Diety and origin change available
  • Beginner dungeons have micro quests for faster exp and item rewards
  • Added some out of era spells
  • QOL improvements
  • ROF2 Client
  • Toggle old and new spells on / off via the ixi patcher


Find out more here: https://ixiquest.com

Download our client and patcher: https://www.ixiquest.com/blog

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/djfnRqd

Visit our Alla Database: https://eq.ixiquest.com/alla/

Explore our Wiki:

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