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Dozekar (YOAwuU)
 Worldserver Name: Dozekar (YOAwuU)
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 37
 Average Players: 41
 Max Players: 103
 Registered Name: Dozekar (YOAwuU)
 Server Type: Custom, PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: Muerticus
 Website: Not Available
 Description: Hello fellow Norrathians, and welcome to Dozekar! I created this server for friends and family, but a fair number of the EQemu community have been logging into the server asking what it is about. So I figured now would be a good time to update the Server Description for inquiring minds!--- Dozekar is a progression style raid focused server. Velious will be opening 4/3/2020, and once current raid content is beaten, the next expansion is unlocked. We will be finishing at OOW. ******RULES****** Expansion: Progression style Velious to OOW--- Boxing Friendly: Yes! Boxing is very welcome on the server!--- EXP rates: Currently set a little high to kick off the new server. Rates will drop, but never below what you would find on live. This is a raid focused server, not xp grind focused. ;p --- Be Courteous: We are all friends and family on the server. You will be treated as such if you hop on. Shouting out in ooc will probably be met with a happy hello! With that being said, please treat others in kind!--- Finally: HAVE FUN!--- ******MODS****** 1) If you create a new character, keep an eye out for "Eidolon of Prexus". He will port you to firepot room in TD. ---From there, Reyalp Trop will help you get to where you want to go in Norrath!--- 2) A lot of the revamped zones have been implemented on the server (sorry no Oasis).--- 3) Future mod to be implemented: Working to add in an NPC to give out raid instances. --- 4) Open to mod ideas. Shoot me a PM or send a tell to Tacksi in game!--- ******WARNING****** This is my first time operating an EQemu server. With my mods I am sure there will be plenty of bugs I do not catch. If you find something, send a tell to Tacksi (GM) in game. If Tacksi is not online, give a shout in OOC, someone will take not of it and let me know about it.
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