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VegasEQ | Velious | Random Drops | 3x EXP | QoL
 Worldserver Name: VegasEQ | Velious | Random Drops | 3x EXP | QoL
 Server Version: [U]
 Server Status: UP
 Players Online: 0
 Average Players: 3
 Max Players: 24
 Registered Name: VegasEQ | Velious | Random Drops | 3x EXP | QoL
 Server Type: Legit, PvE
 Class: Standard
 Server Owner: ToXiN06
 Website: http://discord.gg/nfzGmD8
 Description: Currently open up to Velious.

3x EXP
Boxing allowed (up to 6).
Bots allowed (up to 5).
Auto skill-up on level.
Increased health, mana and endurance regen rates. (15 seconds to activate, 30 seconds to full).
Monk bots use their epic in combat if it is equipped.
Mage bots can summon their epic if it is equipped (must give back Summon Orb spell to the Keeper of Secrets to receive bot version of epic).
Bots that have castable epics can use them using the ^useepic/^ue command. IE. ^ue Clericbot.
No-Drop items are tradeable.
Lore tags have been removed.
No key requirements.
Custom AAs to Gate, Bind and Port to the Hub (free AAs).
Epic effects proc/click @ level 46.
No death touch.

Choosing Tutorial upon character create will start you in the hub

Load zone is used as a Hub. Can be reached via Origin AA.
-Has General Merchant, Banker, Soulbinder, Corpse Summoner, Discipline and Spell Merchants.

Nearly all wearable items in the game are global RNG (random) drop based on level ranges.

Quality of life improvements such as map, AAs, Leadership, HoTT, Aggro Meter, etc.

Epic Tokens can drop from any mob level 45+, higher level group and raid mobs have an even higher chance.
-These can be traded in at the Hub for the according class epic weapon.

Shards drop from mobs and increase in quantity as the mobs get more difficult
-These can be traded in at the Hub for items from merchants that rotate their stock every 6 hours.

Public raid mobs have lowered respawn times.

Instancer in the Hub for instanced raids.

All dropped/quested/researched spells are global random drops with according level ranges.

To get started, visit the Discord.

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